Wrist and Armband Tattoos! They look fabulous

Have you ever encountered a cute girl who brags about her armband tattoo- what’s in the design, her name, name of her boy friend or a loved one, name of her mother or father or it’s just a design from tribal time- though we are not living in that time anymore but there are a lot of people trying to keep tribal inspirations alive by wearing tribal tattoo designs on different parts of the body. The armband tattoos have a different variety for different tastes, men often goes for Ambigram designs and ones that are made in black and white ink. On the other hand, women, being more delicate than men, wear anklet-inspired tattoos on the wrists or something that can help improve their impression over others.

Ancient armband tattoo 1

celtic armband tattoo 7

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If you love armband tattoos, you can go for it and stop believing superstitious statements rumoring about them- few backward genres of people think that wearing an armband tattoo which consists of a locked band would be a big bad luck for the person wearing it? Come on guys, we are living in the 21st century and it is really unimpressive to believe something that’s ridiculous.

dots doodles amrband tat 10

black thick doodle armband5

thick lines armband tattoo 13

armband tattto of wirebarbed 2

Wristband tattoos as we know have nothing to do with bad luck or good luck- they are just designs- just like a sketch you make on paper to try your drawing skills. No matter how others believe, you should be something with a good judgment, your perceptions should be clear- despite of living in a modern society, some tattoo lovers don’t want to wear armband tattoo, the closed one for any good reason, they are afraid of it. For their comfort, the tattoo makers leave a small space on an armband tattoo. The design is quite popular with men and women. Men with defined biceps, with a wish to boast of their shaped up muscles, wear armband tattoos. They think the art will add more to the beauty of their healthy muscles and that more hearts could be conquered with a nice design. Women prefer to get armband designs which are not limited to few designs such as rings around the wrist, butterflies and other natural objects; instead they wear a design that suits their personal taste and design. Have you seen ladies wearing black lines, barbed wire around the wrist and wine starting from the wrist and going to the shoulder? Sometimes they wear bracelet type tattoo others time just a rosary branch or flowers covering the wrist areas.

Armband-Tattoo-Designs barbed wire armband 4An armband tattoo can be truly what you are. No matter what design you choose you wear, it will always present you in good words and good ways.

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