Women can Catch Good Dreams via Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Dreamcatcher is a very stylish and unique tattoo commonly worn by women, though men also get this tattoo. There is a wide variety of different patterns and colors of these tattoos. Some people decorate it with beads, animal symbols, birds, arrowheads, crystals and other symbols. Before you get a dreamcatcher tattoo design, you must have to explore the meanings of this tattoo and also have to dig into its history.

arm dreamcatcher tattoo designs

History of Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The root of dreamcatcher tattoo design is in the Native American Culture and Anishinable people were the first who gave birth to this tattoo. These people were living originally at the border of North-Central United States and Southern Canada. Anishinable words means original and so they are commonly known as original people. American recogonize them as Chippewa people while Canadian call them Ojibwa.

double dreamcatcher tattoo designsdreamcatcher tattoo and hummingbird

Mystery Spider Woman

Dreamcatcher tattoo is based on a fascinating story of a mystery Spider Woman that used to travel across the tribes of Anishinable people.She visited cribs of newborn babies. This spider woman is blessed with strong power. She can weave magical web above cradleboards. This web protects the infants by catching the good dream and passing away the bad dream. Nice dream can enter into the web while bad dream move out from the web holes.

wrist dreamcatcher tattoo designswrist tattoo of dreamcatcher

When tribe expanded and migrated to different parts of the world then it became difficult for the spider woman to visit every person’s kid. So, women of tribe took over and then they started creating their own dreamcatcher just to provide great protection to their babies.

foot dreamcatcher tattoosfoot dreamcatcher tattoo for women

At that time, mother made dreamcatcher with the natural materials, so it was not long lasting. She regularly replaced old dreamcatcher of her child with new one. In this way, a kid got different dreamcatcher over the cross of his life cycle.

ribcage dreamcatcher tattoo designs

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meanings

History connects this tattoo designs with native Americans but people from other cultures also believe on the meaning and mystery of dreamcatcher. This tattoo designs protects from evil and negative energies. It lets the good dream pass into one’s dream world and destiny while caught up the bad dreams.

back dreamcatcher tattoos for womenwomen face and dreamcatcher tattoo

Diverse Dreamcatcher design and their meanings

Basically, a dreamcatcher is a round wooden hoop that contains a loose string in the form of web having hole in the centers. Colorful feathers hang from the webbing. Good dream travel through the hole into the sleeper’s mind while bad dreams permanently caught by the web.Different people use different colors feathers. There is no specific design of hoop, so a tattoo artist can create his own design.

arm dreamcatcher tattoosdreamcatcher tattos for upper arm

Feather of dreamcatcher tattoos have deep meaning. Feather symbolizes breath and air and we need breathe and air for our life. Feathers are hung on the hook of dreamcatcher and their purpose is to slip down the good dreams in the baby’s dream world.

ribcage dream catcher tattoo designs

Dreamcatcher always have moving feathers and movement of feathers announces arrival of new dream and peaceful dream in the life of sleeper.

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You are able to use different feathers with dreamcatcher tattoos. Generally, it is believed that Owl is a woman’s feather. Women get owl feathers just to grab wisdom. Eagle is man’s feather and it symbolizes courage.

dreamcacter tattoos and pink rosewomen leg dreamcatcher tattoos

In some American tribes, people get a dreamcatcher having eight points just to represent eight legs of mystery spider woman.Gems can also be added into the dreamcatcher tattoos. When you get one gemstone with a dreamcatcher tattoo then it means there is only one true creator in the web of life. On the other hand, if a dreamcatcher tattoo design will have four gemstones then they represent four ordinal directions.

arm tattoo of dreamcatcher back dreamcatcher tattoo for women

Want to protect yourself from evil spirits or dreams? Explore latest designs of Dreamcatcher tattoos and pick one for yourself.


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