What haircut Should I Get?

Girls always ask their friend of hairstyling a common question: what haircut should I get. If you are also searching for a good answer of this question then you have hit the right place. I’m here to make it easy for you to choose the best haircut for yourself. You don’t need to do a lot of things, only one simple thing you need to consider and it is your face shape.

Face shape ideas for girls  know your face shape
Face shape ideas for girls

What haircut Should I Get?

Answer: choose Suitable haircut according to your face shape

Face shapes vary from one girl to another. If a particular haircut looks great on squared face shaped girls then it doesn’t mean that it would look good for oval face shaped girl as well. Here are some face shapes with their descriptions, just to make it easy for you to identify your face shape. Look this image and know what your face shape is.

Once you have complete idea about your face shape then next thing you need to know about what haircut should you get.

what haircut should i get?
what haircut should I get?

Nice Haircuts for Oval Faces : Medium layered haircut, Long wavy hairstyle, long bob cut and full bangs look wonderful on girls with oval face shape.

Good Haircuts for Round Faces: Short bob haircut is very suitable for you. Straight long hair look wonderful on round face as they turn your face shape from round to a little longer.

Haircuts for Heart Shaped Faces: Side hair bangs hairstyle is a good choice but you can add super charm into your personality with short pixie cut. For formal event, you can opt for side long wavy hairstyles.

Beautiful Haircuts for Triangle Shaped Faces:Side swept bangs with medium straight haircut is the best option for a girl with triangle face shape. You can make the most from your shape by getting loose or formal waves in your medium or long hair.

Best cuts for Square Face Shape: Side Swept bangs and long straight center-parted hair make your square look a little long. You can get flattering look with back comb over updo and hair bun.

Cool cut for Long faces: Don’t go for short. Try medium length straight, layered haircut. Wavy seems to be the best hairstyle for long faced girls.

I don’t think you need to ask again what haircut you need to get because now you have complete idea of the best haircuts according to face shape.


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