Ward off Evil with Green Peacock Feather tattoo

These days, colored tattoo designs are getting popular among men and women. Especially, women like to add some colors into their body via them. So, one of the best color tattoos would be green peacock feather tattoo. This tattoo design not only adds colors but also beauty to your body. Before you get this tattoo, I would suggest you to explore deep meanings and ideas of green peacock tattoos.

shoulder peacock feather tattoo

Know about Peacock

Peacock is a breed of native Asian pheasant birds. The male is named as “peacock”, the female is known as “peahen” while baby is called as “Peachick”. Peacock is quite beautiful and its tail feathers are very worthy. People like to decorate their home with peacock feathers. The feathers are also used in art as a symbol of beauty. Many artists love to pain peacock of green and blue colors.


peacock tattoo for girls

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Meanings of Peacock Tattoos

There are many different meanings of peacock and its feathers. Actually, different cultures and countries associate different meanings to it. Let’s know some common meanings of it.

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Protection from Evil

As you know peacock can easily east poisonous plants, flowers, snakes without any kind of side effect. Therefore, peacock used as a symbol to kill evil spirits and dangerous influence. In past, people wore an amulet of peacock feathers, swallow feathers and amethyst stones because they believed that they would remain protected from witches and sorcerers. These days, many people get green peacock feather tattoo just to demonstrate the same belief.

neck tattoo green peacock feather

perfect peacock feather tattoo

green feather tattoo of peacock on arm

Symbol of Renewal

Peacock show their tail feathers in the fan during the mating season while they don’t show it off during the rest of years. When these feathers aren’t on the show, then they grab dirt. Therefore, peacock replace their feather every years. So, peacock or its feathers are a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation. People who want to take a good start in life usually opt for green peacock feather tattoo design.

green peacock feather tattoo on footwomen back peacock green feather tattoo

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Peacock tattoo meaning in Different Regions

It is good to know that meanings of peacock and its feathers vary from one region of world to another. In Native America, peacock tattoo symbolizes dignity, wholeness and beauty.

girls arm beautiful green peacock feather tattoos

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In Hindu Beliefs, meanings of peacock feathers are patience, kindness and luck. It is good to know that peacock is also a national bird of India.
In Japan, Peacock symbolizes love , protection and generosity.

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peacock tattoo on foot


Peacock Green Feather tattoo for watchfulness

As you know the peacock feather are eye-shaped, so they also symbolized watchfulness, awareness and protection. People get blue or green peacock feather tattoo because they want to get protection from evil. They think tail feathers are as a protective eye that can provide them great protection from worldly evils.

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green peacock tattoos for arm

upper back girls peacock feather tattoos

Green peacock feathers have many different colors. A tattoo artist is able to enhance the beauty of green peacock feather tattoo with unique color combinations. Green looks great with purple and gold. Sometimes, a little black outline makes a great different in this tattoo design. Well, there are numerous design options to choose from.

arm tattoos peacock feather peacock tattoo on lower back


Now pick the best tattoo design of green peacock feather and keep yourself well-protected all the time. In case you want to get feather of seagull, eagle, phoenix ,etc then it is advised to dig down meanings of different feather tattoo designs.

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