Vampire Makeup Means Dark Eyes and Bloody Lips

Girls who watch Vampire series or movies always feel great interest in Vampire Makeup. They like to adopt style and look of Vamps. They normally want to try this kind of makeup on Halloween or special horror theme party. So, today I’m here to give them a chance to turn themselves into blood sucking monsters via makeup application.

plum red dark vampire makeup

Start with Gothic eyes

The best part of your makeup is your eyes. You need to make your eyes very dark. Usual eyeshadow color that girls use for this kind of makeup is black. However, you can surely make some exceptions. Dark purple, dark plum, maroon, grey-black and similar other colors can also be used for this purpose. An important point to note at this point is that you have to do apply eye shadow on , under and around your eyes. The basic idea is to give your eyes perfect dark appearance. It is good to go without eyeliner, try to do real magic with dark shades.

simple vampire makeup steps halloween vampire makeup dark black eyes and black lips vampire vampire blood thirsty lips vampire eye and lip makeup

Bloody Lips is a Must

Whenever you are going to do Vampire Makeup then you have to make bloody lips. You need to choose dark red lipstick that matches with blood color. You can use dark red eyeshadow for giving bleeding effect to your lips. You need to make a line with red paint or eyeshadow from both lip corners. You should try to give perfect blood thirsty look to your lips. You also need to use  Fangs at the end of your makeup just to grab perfect Vamp look. Some girls try to make an exception , they opt for full black or black and red combo lipstick. Although, you can try this idea but it is a fact that blood thirsty lip makeup can only be done well with red lipstick or lip gloss.

quick vampire makeup black and red lipstick vampire makeup red bloody lips vampire vampire lip and eye makeup steps

If you want to give your vampire makeup a perfect touch then it is better for you to change your eye color. It means you need to wear contact lenses. You can opt for black and red contact lenses for grabbing horrifying look.


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