Unlock Meanings behind Different Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Do you need a colorful and meaningful tattoo design for yourself?I think lotus body ink seems to be a great choice for both men and women. It is a popular tattoo not only due to its amazing meanings but also because of a fact that it looks great on any part of body. The meanings of this flower vary from one culture to another. The roots of its meanings can be found in Chinese, Indian and Japanese cultures. The most common meaning of mostly lotus flower tattoo designs is changes and struggle of life.

lotus flower tattoo design ideas

Know something about This flower

It is a flower that grows in mud of pond but it grows toward light and once it gets close to surface of pond it stars to blossom, it changes to a very beautiful flower. People normally associates life of flower with a life of a person who faces difficulty from his birth but he overcomes his life issues and then become successful after constant effort and determination. The story of this flower symbolizes struggle and changes in life. People who are facing hard time should get some inspiration from this flower’s life.

cute lotus flower tattoo women

Meanings in different religions

You need to know that meanings of this flower vary from one religion to another. let’s see what religion says about this flower tattoo design.

What Hindu Religion Describes?

Hindu usually called Lotus as Padma and it is a sacred flower for them that is associated with a number of their deities such most importantly Vishnu and Brahma. In this context, this flower meanings are divine beauty and purity. An unfolding of this flower leaves symbolizes represents the expanding of the soul and spiritual awakening.

lotus flower tattoo design black and white

lotus flower open bloom tattoo design

what  Buddhism say?

The meanings of this flower are very deep and somehow complex in Buddhism. Every layer of flower has some meanings but if you need some comprehensive meanings then  flower symbolizes purity of body, mind, and spirit. In Buddhist art,  you normally see a lotus of 8 petals symbolizing the Eightfold Path, a core tenet of the Buddhist religion.

traditional style of lotus flower

How Asian Religions Talk About this special Flower?

In case you need one specific meaning of this flower tattoo in many Asian religion such as as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Shintoism  then you only have to look into  flower life. This flower grows in muddy environment but it keeps itself away from dirtiness as it blossom as a beautiful flower. So, every religion teaches its followers to elevate themselves above the muddy thoughts and actions of their life if they really want to become a better person.

lotus flower tattoo on shoulders

Meanings by Color

Meaning of this flower tattoo also depends on colors. So, let’s check what different meanings of different colored lotus flower tattoos.

 White Hue

This color lotus flower represents enlightenment, both mental and spiritual. It also symbolizes  purity, perfection, and pacification of one’s nature. It is also can be taken as a goal of one’s life fr which ones need to work hard. It could be a simple life goal or a spiritual goal.

white lotus tattoo meanings white lotus tattoo on women foot

Fascinating Blue 

If you need a colorful  flower tattoo design then you should opt for blue lotus that means the spirit’s control over one’s physical senses. It also demonstrates  knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. In  tattoo art, tattoo artist usually opt for partially open blue  flower tattoo designs. Center of flower is hardly shown by artist. It simply means that growth of mind and spirit over body never finishes in true sense.

lower back design of lotus flower shoulder designs lotus flower blue lotus flower designs

Charming Purple tattoo

This flower represents mystic view of religion and spirituality. In Buddhism art, purple lotus is usually entirely fallen out, since it represents an homage to Buddhist deities.

purple lotus flower tattoo meanings lotus flower and butterfly tattoo meanings

Cute Pink Flower

Followers of Buddhism usually opt for pink lotus flower tattoo designs because pink flower represents the Buddha himself. It also symbolizes Buddhism and the tale of Buddhism.

lotus flower tattoo design ideas beautiful lotus flower tattoo designs beautiful flower tattoo designs

Red Beauty

It is known as heart lotus. Red lotus flower tattoo designs are used to show original state of the heart. The meanings of this tattoo are love, compassion, passion,  and other emotions related to heart. In art, you often see open bloom of red flower as it symbolizes an ideal state f the heart.

red lotus tattoo meanings red lotus flower tattoo designs

Explore some fantastic lotus flower tattoo designs, known their meanings and pick the best design for yourself.


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