Tutorial of Silver White Smokey Eye makeup for Green Eyes

Normally, when we talk about smokey eye makeup then we think about many bright colors such as green, brown, pink, blue, etc but we hardly think about white smokey eyes. So, today we will push our mind toward a new color route. White smokey eyes can also be made, there is only a need of proper guide- which I got for you. So, let’s peep into tutorial of Silver smokey eye makeup for green eyes. You don’t need to do a lot of things for getting the stunning makeup.

green eye makeup tutorial

Tutorial:White Smokey eye makeup for Green Eyes

You only need to follow a 9 easy steps for getting perfect white smokey eyes.

tutorial of smokey eye makeup for green eyes

Step No.1

Apply white eyeshadow. You should use silver or bright white eyeshadow. Opt for matte shade, since it looks great alwys.

Step No.2

Blend eyeshadow and make a white prominent shade line from the outer corner of your upper lid toward inner corner of your lower lid. It should look like a slash close to your outer eye corner.

Step No.3

Blend this slash line a little bit.

Step No.4

Use black eye pencil and then make a smokey eye sketch. First you need to make a V-shape in the outer corner of your eyes and then extend upper line of your V-shape toward your eye crease.

Step No.5

Take black eyeshadow and then blend it over your sketch black line. You need to blend black eyeshadow in a careful manner. It shouldn’t enter into the bold black eyeline that you have drawn with the black eye pencil.

Step No.6

Apply black eyeshadow above crease but never hit your browbone area. You have to apply black eyeshadow in the half portion of crease while half must have white silver glittery eyeshadow

Step No.7

Blend the black shade as much as you can because clean look can easily be achieved with good blending.

Step No.8

Apply one or two coat of eyeliner. Go for liquid eyeliner but matte eyeliner can also enhance your eye makeup for green eyes.

Step No.9

Pick your black eye mascara and give final touch to silver white smokey eye makeup for green eyes. Try one or two coat of mascara, your purpose is to enhance eye makeup look.

I’m sure you would like to try this wonderful white smokey eyemakeup idea for green eyes. Try it and leave your comment.

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