Tutorial: Make Simple Side Braid hairstyle in 5 minutes

It is indeed not possible to spend many hours on your hairstyle especially when you are in hurry. In such cases, you always search for simple and easy hairstyles. So, today I’m here to share a tutorial of simple side braid hairstyle that would hardly take your 5 minutes.

Tutorial: Make Simple Side Braid hairstyle in 5 minutes step by step
Tutorial: Make Simple Side Braid hairstyle in 5 minutes

Things You’ll need for hairstyle

  • Hair comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair gel

Tutorial: Make Simple side braid hairstyle in 5 minutes

Five easy steps would help you grabbing an eye-catching hairstyle.

Step No.1 Apply a little amount of hair gel. Comb your hair properly, there should not be any knot in it.Now pick a thin hair strand from front side and divide it into three equal parts.

Step No.2  You have to create a very tight three Strand English braid with these strands.

Step No.3  when you have done with braid then you need to pull middle strand of your braid.

Step No.4 You would get a zig-zag style cute floral braid after third step.

Step No.5 Set this braid at one side of your head with the help of bobby pins.

Voila! You have made simple side braid hairstyle in a few minutes. This hairstyle can be worn casually anywhere.

Important Tips:

Here are some important points that help you to grab perfection in this easy hairstyle.

  • When you have curly hair then it is good for you to use hair iron before making side braid.
  • This hairstyle can be worn along with long loose wavy hair, no need of hair straightening.
  • You can use hair accessory for enhancing beauty of your hair.
  • It is good to use heat protection serum before using hair iron.
  • Shiny hair serum allows you to get ultimate shine in this kind of hairstyle.

I’m sure it would be fun for you to create this simple braid hairstyle. Try it at home and share your comments with us.

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