Tutorial: Make a Gorgeous Fishtail Braid Updo

Fishtail braid updo is becoming popular among top models and celebrities. When you look at this braided updos then first thing you think is that it would be hard for you to create it at home. Well, it is not the case always. If you know basic fishtail braid then it won’t be hard for you to pull off a classy hairstyle with it. I’m here to share an easy to try hair tutorial with you. Let’s check it out.

Fishtail braid updo step by step hairstyles

What Things You will need?

Here are a few things which let you create a stunning braid updo hairstyle.

  • Hair comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Elastic hair bands
  • Styling cream
  • Hair extension

Tutorial: Make a Gorgeous Fishtail braid updo hairstyles

Follow six steps and get a chic party hairstyle.

Step No.1 Make a high ponytail.First of all, you need to comb your hair. Apply styling cream or gel thoroughly in hair. Make sure there is no tangle in hair. Now Make a low ponytail by gathering all hair and securing them in an elastic hair band. You need to extract a thin hair band from your ponytail and then wrap it over the elastic ribbon and secure it with bobby pins.

Step No.2 Create Triple Fishtail braids.Divide your ponytail into three equal sections and then create triple fishtail braids. Secure these braid with elastic hair bands.

Step No.3 Take a hair extension that matches with your own hair color.Wrap this extension around your main ponytail. It is just to create volume for your hair updo

Step No.4 Take right side of braid and circle it around this hair extension. Set braid at its place with bobby pins.

Step No.5 Take left side of braid and set it again on your hair extension with bobby pins.

Step No.6 At the end you need to set middle fishtail by slacking it a little in the center of your hair updo. You need to hide elastic hair bands by pushing ends of every braid inside your main updo and then secure your hairstyle look with bobby pins.

This fishtail braid updo tutorial would hardly takes your 25 minutes but you would grab a cool look at the end. In case you have long hair then you don’t need to use hair extension, just use your own hair strand for adding body to your hairstyle. Hair extension is required for girls with medium hair length only.

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  1. What if you don’t know how 2 make fishtail braid? Do you have any tutorials 4 that? Because I love the way it looks but not many hairstylists know how to do it.

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