Tutorial : How to Make Cute Pigtail hairstyle for Little Girl?

Every mother wants to enhance beauty of her little sweetie. When it comes to hairstyle then they have multiple options to choose from. However, it is always advisable to try some simple hairstyle as a little change into her hair can make her extra-ordinary beautiful.Twin tail is considered as one of the popular hairstyles for little girls. You can also make pigtail hairstyle at home with great ease, only you need to follow an easy tutorial.

step by step How to Make Cute Pigtail hairstyle for Little Girl?
Tutorial : How to Make Cute Pigtail hairstyle for Little Girl?

Time Required: 10 minutes.

Things You’ll need:

  • Two Elastic ponytails
  • Hair comb
  • Hair serum
  • Hair pins

Tutorial: How to Make cute Pigtail hairstyle for Little girl?

You have to follow three simple steps for making this cute girl hairstyle.

Step No.1  First of all, you have to use hair comb for removing any kind of knot from her hair. Apply hair serum, so you can get shiny boost into her hairstyle. Now you have to divide her hair into two equal parts. Grab each hair section and secure it into an elastic ponytail.

Step No.2   When you are going to make twintails, you need to let a thin section of hair free from both sides. Make thin simple three strands braid with each side hair section. When you have done with braids, then you need to wrap them around your ponytails and then use bobby pins to fix them to their position.

Step No.3 You need to check that each ponytail has a cute braid wrap around it. If something seems imperfect. You can redo the process.

Finally! You have made a very classic and cute pigtail hairstyle for little girl. Your little girl would look beautiful with it. Go and give it a try now.

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