Tutorial: How to Make Chic Messy hair updo in 5 Minutes?

If you are looking for simple hairstyles then you have hit the right place. I’m going to share a tutorial of chic messy hair updo that you can make only in five minutes. This hairstyle provides you a beautiful look, no matter when you try it.

messy updo hairstyles step by step
How to Make Messy hair updo at home? Tutorial

Time required: 5 minutes

Things Required: Rubber band, bobby pins, fancy headband.

How to Make Chic Messy hair updo in 5 minutes?

Here are 9 steps that allow you to grab perfect messy hair look.

  1. Brush your hair. Now Make a high ponytail and secure it with rubber band.
  2. Set fancy headband in a way that you have some messy poof hair at close to band.
  3. Divide high ponytail into three equal sections.
  4. Pick right and left hair sections and make a bow by rolling each section around your finger. Set this bow on the crown by using hair pins.
  5. Now you have left with lower ponytail hair section. You need to set take this section and roll around your finger and set it up.
  6. Loose each hair bow section a little.
  7. It’s time to set the above messy hair portion. Again, you need to roll this hair section and set it on the top with hair pins.
  8. You need to take a quick look of your messy hairstyle. If something seems loose or imperfect then you can fix it at this point.
  9. Apply hair spray and you are done with an amazing updo hairstyle.

Messy updo hairstyles are becoming popular among celebrities and top models. Actually, they make your look simply fantastic and add some extra charm. So, it is advisable to give a try to this tutorial whenever you have a desire to grab eye-catching appearance.


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