Tutorial: How to Make an Intricate Braid low updo hairstyle

Intricate braid low updo hairstyles always look fascinating. They always get your attention and you love to grab same look at some special event. Interestingly, making this hairstyle is not really hard. You only need a guide that let you create an eye-catching hair look. Today, I am here to share a tutorial for you. I’m sure you would like to try this hair idea.

low hair updo with braids setting

Things You’ll Require

Bobby pins

Elastic hair bands

Hair comb

Tutorial: How to Make Intricate braid low updo hairstyle

You can pull of this stunning hairstyle by following 7 simple steps.

Step No.1 Comb your hair in a way that there is no tangle in it.

Step No.2 Divide hair into three sections: two side thin sections and one middle heavy hair section. Take an elastic hair band and wrap it close to end of your middle heavy hair section.

Step No.3 Now start folding your middle hair section and set this folded section on your nape.. You should fold your middle hair section in a neat way.First fold lower end section and then start folding it upward.

Step No.4 You need to create two circles with hair on both side of your simple hair style. Secure hair by using bobby hair pins.

Step No.5 It’s time to create simple and tight three strand braid with each thin side hair section. Secure these braids with hair bands.

Step No.6 Take your right hand side braid and pass it in left side hair circle and then hide its lower ends inside your hair updo.

Step No.7 Take left side braid and pass it from your right side hair circle. Hide its lower ends inside your braid. At the end, you would have a chic intricate braid hairstyle.

This hair tutorial is quite simple and easy to follow and you can try it anytime or on any occasion. If you want to gold this hairstyle for long time then you can surely use hair spray. Otherwise a little messy updo would look amazing. Try this intricate low updo hairstyle at home and share your comments with us.

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