Tutorial: How to Make a Low rolled updo hairstyle with Headband?

Are you looking for a simple hairstyle idea? I suggest you to give a try to make a low rolled updo hairstyle with headband. This hairstyle is very quick and easy. When you are in hurry then you would be able to enhance your hair beauty with this chic updo.

Step by step tutorial rolled low rolled updo
Tutorial: How to Make a Low rolled updo hairstyle with Headband?

Time Required:10 minutes

How to Make a Low Rolled updo hairstyle with headband?

  1. Pick a headband.
  2. Set it into your hair. Try to set it tightly as your complete hairstyle is based on it.
  3. Pick hair section from one side of head and then hide your front headband with it. Roll end of hair strands and fix them inside the band. Use bobby pins to keep hair into their place.
  4. Take hair section from left backside , rolled them and set them inside the headband.
  5. Take middle hair section and rolled them. You need to roll them inside headband. Secure hair with bobby pins.
  6. Roll right hand section of hair and set them inside the headband with hair pins.
  7. Set remaining hair section into this band.

Hurrah! You have made a stunning hairstyle with headband. This seems to be one of the best party hairstyles.

Important Tips:

You need to keep in mind some important points while making this hairstyle.

  • Try to hide headband with the help of your front and back hair. Beauty of your hairstyle would spoil if headband is prominent at any place.
  • In order to get neat hairstyle look, you should apply hair cream before making this hairstyle. However, don’t use hair gel as it will add greasy impact; it would become hard for you to set headband into its place.
  • If you are going to wear this hairstyle for a party then it is good to use hair spray for fixing low rolled hairstyle.
  • You should use hair pins as they secure your hair in the best way.
  • You can accentuate this hairstyle with hair accessories.

A rolled updo hairstyle is very simple and easy. It makes you look charming and beautiful. It is advisable to practice it once before you try it for some special occasion; just to grab perfect look.


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