Tutorial: How to Make 50s Pin up curls hairstyle with Scarf?

Girls usually love to wear 50s pin up curls hairstyle with scarf for a theme party. Reason is that this classic hairstyle provide perfect girly look. In addition, it adds cute Barbie factor into one’s personality. You don’t need any helping hand for getting same look. You can create this hairstyle own your own.

50s hairstyles how to with scarf
How to Make 50s Pin up curls hairstyles at home?

Time Required: 15 minutes

Things Required: Comb, bobby pins, red scarf, rubber band

How to Make 50s Pin up curls hairstyle?

You can make this cute hairstyle by following 9 easy steps.

#1 Divide hair into two sections: One Front and second back. Wrap back hair section with an rubber band.

#2 Take front hair section and divide it into three equal parts.

#3 Apply some hair gel and then comb every hair section. Every section should be sleek and straight.

#4 Use your finger and then start rolling each hair section. You need to roll each section of hair around your middle fingers. Once it has been rolled, you need to pin it up with hair bobby pins.Follow same step for other two front hair sections and make perfect pin up front curls.

#5 Take back ponytail hair section now. You need to slack rubber band a little bit and then pull up your ponytail hair from loose section of ponytail.

#6 Loose your back hair section and spread it in the form of a hair updo. Use bobby pins to set this updo at its place.

#7 Take red scarf and set it at back side of your head.

#8 Now you need to tie a knot on the crown section of your head.

#9 Look into mirror and fix  flaws, if you notice anything.

Hurrah! You are done with an amazing curls hairstyle.

Important Tips:

Here are some tips that allow you to copycat this 50s hairstyle in a right way.

  • No need to stick with only red scarf, you can surely opt for another color such as pink, blue, black,etc.
  • After pinning up your front curls, you need to use hair spray; just to keep curls at their right place.
  • Don’t forget to apply gel before you start making curls.

The 50s Pin up curls hairstyle is no doubt a perfect theme party hairstyle. When you first look at it, you think that it is quite difficult to make. However, this tutorial will allow you to create it within a few minutes without much effort.

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