Tutorial : Get Romantic look with Quick hair bun

Sometimes, you are in hurry and have to get ready for a casual friend’s party. You have many different options to choose from when it comes to hairstyling but hair buns always look great. Today, I’m here to share tutorial of quick hair bun for you.

Tutorial : Get Romantic look with Quick hair bun
Tutorial : Get Romantic look with Quick hair bun

Time required: 5 minutes

How to Create quick hair bun?

Here are 9 steps that help you create a messy beautiful hair bun.

  1. Shampoo and conditioner your hair and then comb it properly. Remove all tangles.
  2. Pull all your hair up with left hand.
  3. Now start twisting all hair sections with left hand.
  4. Twist hair section very tightly.
  5. Put your left hand on lower end of twisted section and then start wrapping your twisted hair with left hand.
  6. You need to wrap twisted hair section in a clockwise manner.
  7. Use hair pin and secure your twisted hair section.
  8. It is time to lose hair section a little bit.

Hurrah! You have finally made a hairstyle in only five minutes.

Tips for Hair Bun

  • Pour hair spray a little just to keep bun at its place.
  • You can get neat and sleek hair bun by applying same steps but after applying hair cream on your hair.
  • Accentuate this hairstyle with white hair flower accessories and it would become your perfect homecoming or prom hairstyle. Try it on wedding, if you are going to play a role of bridesmaid.
  • Sleek form of this quick  bun would good for formal party but attend casual events with messy loose bun as it looks romantic and simply fantastic.

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