Tutorial: Easy Braided Headband Homecoming Hairstyle

Are you looking for easy homecoming hairstyle? I’m here to share a very simple idea of dual braided headband hairstyle with you. This seems to be a very fascinating hairstyle. Interesting thing is that this hairstyle doesn’t require any effort. It is very easy hairstyle. It is suitable for girls with full bangs.

Tutorial: Easy Braided Headband Homecoming Hairstyle
Tutorial: Easy Braided Headband Homecoming Hairstyle

Time required :10 minutes

How to create Braided headband  hairstyle?

You only need to follow 4 easy steps for making this romantic hairstyle.

  1. Pull a thin hair section behind the ear. This hair section must be large. You need to create simple English braid with this section. Create a braid from one side hair section and secure it with hair pins from another side.
  2. Now you need to make a simple English braid from another side hair section and set it into opposite hair section.
  3. You need to keep both English braid sections on top of your head in a way that it looks like a headband. This hairstyle must be secured with pins.
  4. So, finally you have created a braid hairstyle for homecoming. You can use hair spray for keeping braids at its place for long time.

Tips for Braided hairstyle

  • This hairstyle looks great for both medium and short hair.
  • You can enhance beauty of braided headband hairstyles with tiny little flowers hair accessories.
  • You can create waves or curls in your rest of hair just to grab extra hair beauty.
  • Try to take thin hair sections as it looks beautiful. Braids of thick hair sections normally loose easily.
  • You need to make tight English braids for perfect finish.

Now you have an idea of very easy homecoming hairstyle. This hairstyle looks makes your look startling.

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