Try Nearly Naked Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone this Summer

Summer’s here and it’s time to look pretty, and no other look is better than a natural one. One way to keep your face fresh and lively is to have glittery or glossy lips. This perfectly shaped NAKED Lipstick is what you need this summer, but be sure to pick the right shade that suits your skin and matches your clothes.Don’t forget to take into consideration your complexion when it comes to selection of best color. Now I would like to highlight best shades of naked lipsticks for every skin tone.

summer light color mac lipsticks
For Fair Skin
We’d recommend that you look for sheer shades with a slight mix of pink in them. The Rose-like Hue will brighten up your complexion. Another idea is to go with brown or coffee shades.

peach pink lipstick for summersummer mac makeup 2014naked brown for summer femme nude for girls
For Olive Skin
You girls are lucky in this case. You may choose any color you like, be it peachy, honey, golden, beige or any other shade you may choose to put on.

coffee brown shade for girls

mach beige shade for summerpeachy shade lipsticks for girlspink makeup for summer
For Medium Skin
A Golden or Rosy Undertones Mocha Shade would work great for you if you have deeper undertones. Your lips would get a real dab of gloss & finish your fabulously defining look.

mac mocha color for girlslocha mocha lipstick from covergirl
For Deep Skin
A slightly lighter shade would perfectly match your skin tone, and if it was to have a glossy touch then it would just kill the audience to taste those beautiful Lips of yours.

natural light pink for girls


I’m sure now it won’t be hard for you to pick the best summer lipsticks for every skin tone. You first need to know what your skin tone is, once you have such information, you won’t be able to pick the best lipstick for yourself.

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