Try Best Katy Perry Hairstyles and Change Your Looks

Do you want to make a big change into your look? Then you need to start following Katy Perry hairstyles because her unique yet beautiful hair styles would allow you to transform your look instantly.Her hairstyles are quite different from other celebrities hairstyles. She knows how to grab attention of everyone with the mean of her facial frame i.e. her hair. Let’s explore some best Katy perry haircut and hairstyles.

katy perry fringe and curls

Wear Ponytail in a new Way

You have tried high ponytail many times but if you need a gigantic version of high ponytail then you should look at colorful purple/pink ponytail hairstyle of KP. Really great!

high ponytail of katy perry

Katy Perry hairstyles: Updo

Katy knows how to look bold and stylish on special event. She normally opts for sleek hair updo since it enhances your personality grace to a great extent.

katy perry stylish updo

If you need a unique version of Katy Perry hair updos then you must look at her blue rolled fringe and sleek hair updo.

rolled back finge and updo hairstyle of katy perry

Front blue swirl hair updo is another great variation in a normal hair updo. Try blue color and then make a swirl with front hair, catch your back hair as an updo.

blue updo hair of katy perry

In case you don’t need blue then another colorful updo hairstyle of Katy Perry comes in bright pink.

pink cute hair do of katy perrykaty perry pink updo hair

Katy Perry Hairstyles: Bob

Girls who want to explore superb bob hair style variety should look at Katy Perry bob. She wore blue long bob hair that was simply chic. Sometimes, she appear with straight green black bob while other times she opted for green black curly bobs. Even she tried some old Hollywood styles bob haircut from time to time. I really like her gold and pink bob.

katy perry short wavy bob hair

katy perry gold pink bob hairstyle

katy perry green bobkaty perry blue bob haircut

Katy Perry hair Highlights

Katy always likes to play with colors. If you have black curly or wavy hair then you should get some beautiful highlights into your hair. You can try pink or purple highlights. In case you need a little bold touch then you would love to try bright pink highlights just like Katy Perry got.

klaty perry hair highlights

blue wavy hair of katy perry

Katy Perry Wavy hairstyles

Katy Perry is indeed the “Queen of Waves hair style” . She wore wavy hairstyle with different colors such as blue, pink, black, purple, blonde, etc. Girls who have thin hair can easily boost up hair volume via wavy hairstyle.Interestingly, Katy Perry also wore old Hollywood formal waves that made her look really adorable.

purple wavy hairstyle of katy perrykaty perry wavy hair and braidkagty perry pink curls and front rolled fringe

green bob hairstyle of katy perry

Curly hairstyles of Katy Perry

Katy also wears curls but not frequently. She doesn’t like tight curls. Her curly hairstyles are normally loose and soft. You would also love her colored curly hair styles.

long curly hairstyle of katy perry

katy perry wavy locks

katty perry violet curly hairstylesside swept purple hairstyles of katy perry


Katy Perry Pink Retro hairstyle

Katy loves to appear with some extraordinary hairstyles. If you have long hair then you should copycat her pink retro hair style. This hairstyle always looks super amazing on every girl.

katy perry retro pink hair

In short, Katy Perry hairstyles are quite amazing and different from almost every angle. She uses color to make her look completely different from other celeb s. You can surely try her color formula. Always choose a color that looks natural and beautiful on your face.

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