Trendy Short natural hairstyles ideas for African American

Black women who have natural curly hair always browse the best ways to style their hair. There is no need to always treat your natural hair with some tool , chemical or machine, when you can look simply stunning with short natural hairstyles. Today, I would like to highlight some great ways to style your natural black curly short hair.

bob hairstyles black women

Make a ponytail

If you have short kinky and nappy hair and want to style them in a chic way then you need to make a ponytail. Gather all your hair on the top and secure them into a ponytail. Some girls love to add some hair bands or ribbons just to enhance beauty of this short natural hairstyle, you can do the same.

short natural ponytail women short ponytail for black women black women short ponytails

Mohawk short natural hairstyles

Want to look super cool with your black natural hair? I think you need to opt for Mohawk hairstyle. Taper your side hair and make a curly Mohawk in the middle area of your head. This hairstyle will make your look simply rock.

black women short hairstyles black women mohawk hairstyles

Simple short haircut

Don’t want to put much effort on your short natural curly hair? Need something simple and easy? I think you should opt for simple short haircuts such as pixie, buzz cut or burr cut. Such hairstyles make your look trendy and don’t want you to put much effort on hairstyling.

spiky hairstyles african american black women burr cut simple black wmen hairstyles burr cut hairstyles black women

Updo hairstyles for short natural hair

Making an updo with your short hair is another great idea. Normally, African American women opt for an updo when they have to attend a special party. So, you can surely follow this short natural hairstyles idea.

short pixie hairstyles black women african american natural hair updo updo short natural hairstyles black women spiky hairstyles african american

Braid hairstyles for short hair black women

There are some braids that are only look wonderful on African American such as cornrow, tree braid, etc. So, when you want to style your natural hair in a chic way then you can make some short braids; just for adding some style into your persona.

black women short braids african american short braid cornrow braided hairstyles african american

Black women can enhance their beauty and look easily, if they opt for these ideas of short natural hairstyles. No need to treat your hair anymore, when you look cool without it.

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