Trendy Shaved Hairstyles for women

Many women don’t like to go with usual hairstyles as they like to go for some really bold hairstyles. So, I’m here to shed light on some really trendy shaved hairstyles for women. Shaving side of your head or a crown area simply make your look different and astounding. It’s time to have a close look at some styles you can grab by removing some hair from your head.

Shaved head and braids

Want to look cool and beautiful side by side? I suggest you to make some braids with side tapered head. Women usually love to wear cornrow braids hairstyle as it adds grace and beauty into their appearance.

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Mohawk hairstyles

Women love to go for bold and chic look and it can easily be achieved with Mohawk hairstyle. Shaving the side of head and have a fur of hair in the middle area seems like a stunning idea. You can try many different types of Mohawk hairstyles such as fro hawk, fanned Mohawk, etc. No matter what type you go for, you would look simply attractive.

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Amazing Long hairstyles 

Many celebrities want to show their cool attitude with their shaved head long hairstyle. So, you can surely grab some inspiration from them. Make a combo of long wavy or curly hair with side hair tapered and this combination would completely turn your look in an instant manner.

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Short hair ideas

Girls who have short hair can surely make their look eye-catching with bob and shaved haircut. This is a funky hairstyle to try in 2015 but you would add a charm factor into it. Women can easily minus some years of their age with this kind of age defying hairstyle.

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I’m sure you would love to change your look by trying these really cool shaved hairstyles for women.



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