Trendy Long Straight hairstyles ideas for Women

Women who care much about fashion and trends always like to know what hairstyles are in Fashion and what they have to skip. If you are blessed with long straight hair then you are lucky because there are many trendy long straight hairstyles. Let’s uncover Chic ideas of hairstyling with long straight hair.

Get some bangs with long hair

Bangs define your facial beauty and make you look like a hot girl, it is a fact. Women who get bored from their routine casual type look can instantly fresh their look via bangs. Long straight hairstyles with bangs are a perfect trendy option. You need to decide whether you want sleek bangs or razor-cut bangs. The sharp edges of razor-cut bangs offer you a bold appeal, so make the right choice for you.

long straight hair bangs
Bangs in long straight hair
long straight hair and fringe
bangs and long straight hair
straight hairstyles side parted
Bangs with long straight hairstyle

Make a High or Low Ponytail

It is indeed one of the best long straight hairstyles ideas that you would like to try. You can tease your top hair section for getting a raised effect and then to make a sleek low ponytail. Many celebrities love to make high ponytail with sleek and shiny hair, you can do the same.

long straight hair high ponytail
High ponytail with long hair
long straight ponytail hairstyles
Classy low ponytail hairstyles

Long straight layered hairstyle

Layered haircut is another great idea that you can try on your long straight hair. Women who have straight hair know very well that such hair offer them a flat look. This look can easily be made classy with layered haircut. Choose the best hairstylist, if you need celebrity like layered hairstyle.

layered long haircut
Layered haircut for long straight hair

Half Up and Half Down Long straight hair

You have a lot of half up and half down hairstyling options with your straight long hair. The most common option is to pin up the half hair while let the remaining hair un-touch, long and sleek. Another chic way of long straight hairstyles is to part the hair into two potion, one up and second down. Tease the up section and make the sleek updo. You can also try beehive and bouffant hairstyle on top section while leaving the down section free.

long straight half up and half down hair
Half up and half down long straight hairstyles
half up and half down hairstyles
Easy half up and half down hairstyle for girls
long straight hairstyle
Teased up with long straight hairstyle

Long straight hairstyles with fringe

Get a short sleek, straight fringe with your long straight hair and you would look like a Barbie doll, no doubt. Fringe adds cuteness factor into the personality and also make it easy for you to minus some years from your actual age.

bangs long straight hair
Fringe with long sleek hair
bangs and straight hair
Straight hair with fringe
frine and long straight hair
long straight hair with fringe

Side parted long hairstyle

If you need some really easy long straight hairstyles then you should try side parting. You can left or right part your hair in a minute and you are ready to go for a party. Fact is that every side parting doesn’t suit you the most, so you need to test this look. You have to side part your hair in the different ways, get your selfies and then decide about your best look.

long straight hairstyles for girls
Side parted long straight hairstyles
side parted hairstyle for long hair
Side parted long sleek hair

Side swept long straight hair

Women who love to show attitude usually opt for this particular hairstyle. They show one side of their hair while leaving one shoulder visible and prominent. This is perfect hairstyle for you, if you are going to wear a strapless gown.

side swept long straight hairstyles
Side swept long straight hair
long hair side swept
Model on run-way side swept long hair

After knowing these great ideas of long straight hairstyles, you would feel definitely relax because you have grabbed the best ways to style your own hair.

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