Trendy ideas of Short haircuts inspired from Celebs

Do you want to get short haircut? You would surely need some inspiration. So, you have hit the right place. Here you would be able to grab some great ideas of short haircuts that would make your look simply amazing.

Short Pixie cut with long side

Girls who have very short pixie haircut need to grow their pixie and then try a very fabulous hairstyle. Your task is to keep your one side hair a little longer than other side. The best example of this particular short haircut comes form Elisabeth Moss, Michelle Williams and Hathaway. The basic idea is to get a pixie haircut but one side should be long enough to frame your frame in an aesthetic way.

side long haircut pixie


side partyed short hairstyles

Boycut hairstyle

Are you bold enough to opt for a boy cut? If you have that courage then you would like to get inspiration from Coca Rocha boycut short hairstyle. Give this boyish hairstyle a feminine touch with bold lips. It is good to know that this haircut is very easy to set and doesn’t want you to use a lot of styling creams and gel. Girls who need easy-to-go short haircuts must try this particular hairstyle.

boyish haircut

Side Parted Short haircut

In case you have very short hair then you can style it in a side or center-parted way. As you all know, center-part hairstyles are high in demand. These days, models and celebs love to opt for extreme center part hairstyle. However, the best example of side parted short haircuts are given by Lena Dunham, Ashley Simpson,etc.

asley simpson hairstyle short

side parted haircut

Pixie Fringe Haircut

Some girls say that pixie offers great masculine appeal to them. For them, the best short haircut idea to try would be pixie fringe hair. You need to get short pixie haircut and then to make a cute fringe. In case you need the clear idea then it is advisable to see how Agyness Deyn who made long fringe with her pixie crop.

short fringe of pixie cut

Grown out short haircuts

In case you have got a short pixie haircut then the best way to style this hair to grow your hair out and then style it either in comb-over or side swept manner. The best grown out pixie crop examples are given by Carey Mulligan, Gennifer Goodwin.


grown out pixie cut

Asymmetrical short haircut

Need something really different for your hair? It is good to chopped off your hair in an asymmetrical shape just like Miley Cyrus.

miley cyrus hairstyles

Bowl Cut Short hair

Don’t need simple pixie, you can make it combo with Bowl haircut. This combination is unique and look great on girl with round face. In case you need an idea then you should look at Robyn short bowl cum pixie haircut.

bown and pixie cut

Spiky Short hair

Need a girl short haircut? You should opt for spikes. Youngsters love to try short hair spikes because they look simply cool with it. Charlize offers you the best idea for spiky short haircuts.

spiky haircut of charlize

Curly Short Crop

Girls who have natural curly hair can also give a try to pixie haircut. This particular hairstyle make your curly locks very appealing. You need to check curly crop of Katie Waissel, X Factor contenstant. In case you already have pixie and need to make this short haircut a bit different then the best way to do is to get Marilyn Monroe curls. The same idea is tried by Pixie Geldof.

curly pixie cut marilyn monroe curls

Shaved Head

In case you need barely-there short haircuts then you must look at Amber rose and Jaime Winstone’s heads. They opted for completely shaved head. This particular short haircut is indeed difficult to wear but once you get it then you enjoy great hairstyling freedom. Go anywhere without taking much tension about your styling.

shaved head of jaime winstone

shaved head of womenshor

Wavy Short hair

The great idea of styling your short hair is to opt for dramatic waves. This is perfect short hairstyle for thin hair girls because waves can add some body to hair and thereby allow them to get thick facial frame. Shaggy wavy short hairstyle of Vanessa Hudgens could be your perfect inspiration.

pixie short cut
You have very cool ideas of short haircuts that are inspired from top celebs. Now it’s time to share your comment about the best idea.

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