Traditional Wedding hairstyles for black women

Normally, it has been observed that black women turn their curly hair into straight when they need to style their hair on wedding. However, there are some women who don’t like to do that. They like to stick with traditional wedding hairstyles. They are proud of their natural curly hair, so they like to style it in their own traditional way. If you are also like to do the same on your special day  then I suggest you to get an idea of some traditional wedding hairstyles for black women.

Cornrow braided hairstyles

It is indeed one of the common hairstyles of black women on their big day. Some girls like to make cornrow on front hair and then make an updo on the back. Cornrow hairstyle defines beauty and appearance of black women to a great extent.

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Box braids hairstyles for Wedding

Another braid hairstyle that make black women look charming on big day is box braids. Some brides opt for simple box braided hairstyle while others to make their look extra charming with an updo of these braids. No doubt, updo is a great choice as it makes your look formal on your special day and this is what you always want.

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wedding hairstyles box braid updo

Afro Wedding hairstyles

Another traditional black women wedding hairstyle is afro.This hairstyle is uncommon  but it does not mean that girls don’t go for it. Some girls definitely like to go with their afro bride hairstyles  when they have to follow traditions and rituals of this ceremony to a great extent.

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Simple natural Curly hairstyles

Black women who have natural curly hair may not ready to treat their hair with chemicals on wedding. They love to look naturally beautiful, so they embrace their natural curly hairstyle in their own way. They make updo, simple braid or ponytail into their hair and make their look quite flattering.

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Black women who need traditional wedding hairstyles ideas must have a look at above-hairstyles, so they can pick the best style for themselves.

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