Traditional Henna Tattoo Designs for hand

Henna tattoo designs are getting popularity in Europe and America, though these designs have been used in Asian countries for many decades. Pakistan and India are two main countries where girls love to accentuate their hands with henna tattoo. Henna is called “Mehndi” in Pakistan and India. It is considered an important part of traditional events such as Eid, Dilawali, Wedding, parties, some traditional ceremony,etc.

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When it comes to henna tattoo designs for hands then you have literally many different options to choose from. There is no specific symbol but what is quite common thing to use in design is flower. Girls like to make flower vine in almost every design.There is no need to be an expert for making a design. Girls of every age opt for henna or mehndi tattoos.

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The reason behind the popularity of henna tattoos is that they are temporary. Color of henna fade away with time and it usually look good for one or two weeks. There is no need to get tattoo removal service. European girls feel themselves attracted toward henna hand tattoos since they can try a wide variety of design in a short time period. When it comes to colors in henna tattoo then brown or black seems to be the best options. Other colors henna tattoos are also available in the market but brown and black colors are the most popular choices.

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When girls are going to make henna tattoo designs on hand, they usually start from the wrist area of arm because they like to give a full bracelet kind style to their design. Usually, henna design on finger is same but sometime you can choose different design for each finger. You can browse best designs online and then to ask a girl to try this on your hand. Henna or mehndi cone is usually used for making designs.

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So, girls browse the best henna tattoo designs and try only a design that you love.

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