Top 5 Enduring Hair Trends for Fall Winter 2014-15

Every year we see many changes in hair trends. Run-way models and celebrities offer us a big list of very on-trendy hairstyles. There are many hairstyles that don’t stay for long time. We spend our time in learning many hairstyles that don’t last longer. So, it is better for us to opt a hairstyle that stay for long time. Today, I decided to highlight 5 best and long lasting hair trends for Fall winter 2014-15.

hair trends for fall winter 2014

Hair Trend 1: Center-Parts

This year, if you want to look super trendy then you should opt for center-parting hairstyles. This hairstyle is very easy to set, you don’t need to do a lot for getting perfect party look. You can style this hair in two different ways, first is casual center-parting while second is extreme-side parting. For casual side part, you just need to use your hair comb for parting the hair in the center from the front. For extreme side-parting, you need to apply a hair serum or gel and then divide your front hair into two equal parts. It is among the most fabulous hair trends for fall winter 2014-15.

center part hairstyles 2015

center partfor women

trendy center part 2014 hair

center part for winter 2015

Hair Trend 2: Ballerina Bun

On the runway of latest fashion shows, we saw many models who wore ballerina bun. There is a lot of variations in this hair bun. Some models opted for high ballerina hairstyle while others like to feature low one. Interesting thing about this hair bun is that it is very easy to make. Your don’t need to have a lot of things for getting is. You can get wet-look ballerina bun especially when you just come out of the shower and have to leave for a casual party. Slick back your hair with finger, twist the length locks before you secure with a hairband. You can get messy ballerina hairstyle by using spritz dry shampoo at your hair roots. Ballerina bun is among the best hair trends for fall winter 2014-15.

ballerina hair bun trend 2014

ballerina bun for fall 2014


Hair Trend 3 : Braid hairstyles

Braided hair look cool in every casual and formal party. This year, we saw many variations in braid hairstyles. Celebs appeared with multi-braid hairstyles while model rocked their looks with simple plait hairstyles. Messy braid hairstyle is indeed ever-green because every girl who want to look simply terrific would love to wear it. Fishtail braid hair was rare on run-way but again celebs also featured it. Braid hairstyles are among the cool hair trends for fall winter 2014-15.

cara delevingne braid 2014

braid hair trend 2015

2014 braid hair

2014 braid hairstyles

braid hairstyles for fall winter

Hair Trend 4: Slicked Back hairstyles

Girls who want really chic look should consider slick back hairstyle. Good thing about this particular hair is that it doesn’t require much time for setting. You can wear it, no matter you are a girl with long or short hair. Whenever you need a glossy slicked back hair then you have to follow some simple steps. First of all, apply a little gel into the front section of your hair and then to use your hair brush for moving your front hair back. Set your hair behind ears in a way that you don’t get a greasy hair look. You would surely like to try hair trends for fall winter 2014-15

short slicked back hair

2014 hair trend slicked back

slicked back 2014 hair

short slicked back hair

2014 short hairstyles

Hair Trend 5: Ponytail hairstyles

A ponytail hairstyle is indeed perfect for a formal or casual event but you surely need to know how to style it in a perfect way. For a casual event, you should side or center part your hair and then to make a ponytail after blow-drying your hair.Another way to make a perfect ponytail hairstyle is to apply a dab of shine serum into your locks, brush them to grab a smooth hair look and then make a sleek ponytail.
Girls who really want to make a fashion statement then they should follow these 5 hair trends for fall/winter 2014-15.

ponytail hair for girls 2014

slicked back ponytail for girls

low ponytail hairstyles 2014

ponytail hairstyles for 2015sleek ponytail hairstyles for 2014

Girls! you should have to learn to make one out of top 5 hair trends for Fall Winter 2014-15 mentioned above, because these will stay for longer time. In addition, you can look super trendy with any of them.

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