Time to Choose Right Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Brown eyed girls always get confused about eyeshadow color selection. Therefore, I decided to offer them my helping hand. It is indeed important to choose right eyeshadow for your eyes because when you choose the right eyeshadow for brown eyes then you can make your eyes pop effortlessly.

best makeup for brown eyes redhead

Ideal Eyeshadow for Fair Skin Blonde

Girls who have fair skin,blonde hair and brown eyes should try pale blue and lavender. They are perfect colors of eyeshadow for brown eyes. Apply black eyeliner and mascara. You can easily make your eyes pop, if you apply pearl or gray eye shadow on your brown bone. It is good to put on darker blue or pale purple eyeshadow near the lash line.

lavender for brown eyeslavender eye makeup for brown eyes blue makeup for brown eyed girl

Eyeshadow for Fair Skin Girls with Black hair

Girls who have fair skin, black hair and brown eyes must try stronger eyeshadow shades. The best eyeshadow for brown eyes, in this case, would be deep purple, blue, green and metallic shades. It is advisable to smudge the eyeshadow of same color on your lashline for getting a dramatic effect to your eyes. Apply dark brow pencil, black eyeliner and mascara; and you would grab a fantastic brown eye makeup look.

brown eyes makeuip

black hair brown eyes makeup

green makeup on brown eyes

metalic makeup brown eyes

Best Eyeshadow for Red hair girls

Girls with redheads and brown eyes opt for colors come from nature such as midnight blue,forest green, etc. Blending of nature colors should be done with light shades for day wear or dark shade for night wear. The best effect could be achieved with shimmery eyeshadow in pale color up to brow bone. Apply darker colors on your lashline.The best party look can be achieved, if you dust a little glitter on your lids.

natural makeup for redhead

red hair brown eye makeupredhead brown eye makeup green

Good eyeshadow for brown eyes and tanned brunettes

Tanned brunettes with brown eyes must consider creamy and bright eyeshadows. Sea green or pale lavender are indeed the best eye makeup for brown eye. It is good to use lavender andgreen with gray or off-white shades for a smokey effect. You need to use a little highlight on the brow bone. Smudge eyeliner on lower lashline. It is good to choose brown eyeliner just to add a little dramatic effect into your eye makeup.

brown eyes smokey makeup

brown eyed girl makeup

tanned brunettes brown eye makeup

Important Tips for choosing eyeshadow for brown eyes

Here are some important tips to keep in mind while you are doing eye makeup for brown eyes.

best eyeshadow for brown eyes

  • When you are going to choose your eyeshadow, your first consideration should be your eyes. What you are going to wear should be a second consideration element.
  • Always choose an eyeshadow that is different from your natural eye color.
  • You must do experiments time to time. Choose different colors from palette and then blend them on your eyes. Take a picture and compare different colors. You would surely get an idea about the perfect eye shadow for brown eyes.
  • Always put on a contrast color in the crease, so you can grab amazing flash effect whenever your eyes blink.

I’m sure now it won’t be tricky for you to choose the best and right eyeshadow fort brown eyes.

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