Tiger tattoo Designs aren’t only for passionate lover ,Explore Deep Meanings

Tiger is one of the popular animals in the world. Guys and girls are quite fascinated by these beautiful beasts. They like to get tiger tattoo designs since they like the sensual, ferocious and powerful animals. Love is often associated with tiger. It is said that to be a great lover, a guy needs to be a tiger in bed. Though people relate it a lot with love but there are other cool meanings of tiger tattoos. Let’s uncover these meanings along with great ideas.

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Tiger and Elite Soldiers

Tiger tattoo symbolizes power and invincibility; therefore many elite sliders opt for tribal tatt design. It is believed that a wearer of this tattoo can infuse power and spiritual energy of tiger. The meanings of tiger tattoo designs in tribal areas are Power, Strength, Dominance, and Fearlessness.

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Tiger Tattoo Meanings in India

In throughout India, tigers are emblems of unimaginable destruction. In rural areas of country, people still report some events when tigers eat human. The main purpose of attacking human is to save its territory from human. Whenever common people try to interrupting animal’s food supply then tigers take severe measures.

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Tiger tattoo design in Pop culture

It is good to know that tigers are among the most famous characters in pop cultures. People are unable to forget Tony the Tiger or blockbuster “Life of pi”. In this culture, people think that tigers are protectors or guardians. In recent years, tigers have become lovable part of pop culture. So, girls and guys who follow this culture often opt for tiger tattoo designs.

tiger tatto designs arm tiger tatto shulder ideas

China and Tiger tattoo meaning

In Chinese folks, tigers are regarded as the protector of the dead. Normally, Chinese decorate graveside or tomb with tiger image not only for paying respect to people they lost but also to make sure that the soul of dead people travel safely through the afterlife. It is also believed that tiger tattoos deal with evil easily and their tattoos usually come with Tsai Shen Yeh- god of wealth. Chinese try to bring good luck into their life with tiger tattoo designs.

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Meanings of Different color Tiger tattoos

When you ask a tattoo artist to give you a tattoo design, he may ask you what type of tattoo you need. Yellow and orange tigers are common but you can also find black, red and blue tigers. According to Chinese legend, the whole universal balance is kept by five powerful tigers. Each totem features with a specific task, vibrant hue and a ruler of a natural element. White tigers are the ruler of autumn and governor of metal element. Black tiger controls winter and water. Red tiger is a counterpart of white tiger and it has a full control over summer and fire.. The blue tiger is a ruler of spring and Earth. Yellow tiger is a ruler of sun and its duty to keep sun companion in good balance.

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After discovering meanings and ideas of tiger tattoo designs, you would surely like to try some of these designs. The best place to have such tattoo is full back, upper back, chest and arm.


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