The 80s retro hairstyles are Coming Back in 2015

If you are born in 80s then probably you know a little about 80s retro hairstyles, which were worn by our mothers. These retro kind of hairstyling is enjoying a come back in 2015. Therefore, it’s right time to know a little more about such hairstyle just to adopt it as quickly as you can after watching a pop star with the same retro hairstyles.

1980s Retro hairstyles Ideas

When you dig down in past, you would be able to see many different kind of retro hairstyles. Rock star and pop star love to change their hair color and don’t mind getting a hair treatment. Perms were quite famous equally between men and women. Dark curly hair locks with lots of volume was another stunning retro hairstyle of 1980s. Women hairstyling in 80s era was completely influenced by Prime Time dramas, music culture and power suits. One thing that was amazing about this hairstyle is great emphasize on volume and size. Check 80s vintage hairstyles.

wavy retro hairstyles pink retro curl hairstyles with bangs retro hairstyling

80s permed retro curls 80s retro hairstyles 80s hairstyle retro lovely-Jazzy-Hairstyle-80s-inspired 80s red curly hairstyles katy perry 80s inspired hairstyles

How to Create 80s Inspired Retro hairstyle at home

80s retro volume hair

So, you are quite impressed for voluminous hairstyle of that era and want to copycat them at home. This simple tutorial would help you create this hair style. You will need hair product, hair grips and small hot tongs.

  • Shampoo your hair and then blow dry it.
  • Now you need to put small curls in your hair with small hot tongs after using a hair product, hair mouse can be used to get stylish retro curly hair look.
  • Girls who don’t have good hair volume can surely back-comb their hair just to get needed hair volume for perfect retro hair look.
  • You can surely enhance beauty of your curl hairstyle with that era’s accessory like a hair band or scarf.

How to Create Madonna Inspired 80s Retro updo

Madonna was an icon in that era and women loved to copycat her. If you want to imitate her look then I would like to share a simple tutorial of her updo. Interestingly, this hairstyle doesn’t want much time, it is easy to create.

madonna hairstyles how to

  • All you need to gather your hair in a ponytail in the back of your head.
    Start making several ringlets by curling small sections of hair.
  • Once you have created curls, you need to use hairspray to hold them at their place for long time.
  • Lift the ponytail up a little right from bottom up and make a hair bun. Use bobby pins to secure a hair bun.
  • No need to get clean or clear touch to your messy short ponytail as the basic idea is to mess thing up.
  • Use a headband and add final touch to your hairstyle.

So, girls you have good idea of retro hairstyle of 1980 along with two simple tutorials. I’m sure it would be really easy for you to try such hairstyles at home just to follow latest fashion trend of 2015.

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