Super Simple Natural Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Natural Smoky eye makeup tutorial would make it really simple for you to enhance your eye beauty without any delay. Whenever you are going to do smoky eye makeup, you should start from natural look and then opt for complete black dense shades. Reason is that when you become expert in simple natural makeup , it will be pretty simple for you to work on other ideas. Always take a start from simple and then move to complicated makeup ideas. In order to make natural eye makeup easier for you, I’m going to shade an image tutorial of smoky makeup. So, check out what I have for you.

Super Simple Natural Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial
Super Simple Natural Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Things You’ll need

  • Eyeshadow kit
  • Black Eyeshadow
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Black eye mascara

Natural Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Step No.1 Pick an eyeshadow that matches to your face color. Light brown shade goes well. So, pick it and spread it on your upper lid.

Step No.2 Pick the lightest black eyeshadow and then spread it on your outer-V area and eye-crease. Blend it inward a bit.

Step No.3 Take dark black eyeshadow and then create a thick winged with this shade. It is good to use a thin eye brush for creating perfect black winged that connects to outer corner of your upper eyelid.

Step No.4 You need to spread dark black eyeshadow in outer-V area. You have to make perfect V- with the help of this eyeshadow.

Step No.5 Pick a black-eyeliner and start lining your eyes. You need to apply eyeliner on upper and lower eyelid close to lash line.

Step No.6 You need to define inner-V area of your eyes with eyeliner.

Step No.7 Blend outer-V area with silver eyeshadow.

Step No.8 Now you need to give final touch to your natural makeup with black eye mascara.

Hurrah! You are done with amazing smoky eye makeup. This natural makeup doesn’t take much time and effort and you would grab fascinating look with it. Try it now and share your comments with us.

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