Stylish Henna Tattoo Designs for Lower Back

In case you are looking for temporary tattoo design? Then you have to look at henna tattoo design for lower back. The reason is that henna can easily fades over one or two week and you are able to try many different design in one month. Good thing about henna tattoo is that when you get it then you don’t need to get worried about tattoo removal because color of henna fades over time and you get clear skin within 15 days. So, Let’s explore some great designs of henna tattoos for lower back.

star henna design tattoo
Big star henna tattoos for lower back

There is no need to put a lot of effort on the design when it comes to henna tattoos. Girls are delicate and they can show it with the mean of intricate floral or flower vine designs. Usually the tattoo resembles with a girl floral belt. Some girls don’t like to get traditional floral Arabic henna tattoo design, so they normally prefer wings, skulls, or some other small tattoo designs for lower back. The idea is to keep the design simple and definitely very beautiful.

circlular simple henna tattoo for beginners
Circular design henna tattoo for lower back
henna tattos design for lower back
Traditional Arabic style flower vine henna tattoos

When it comes to color of henna design tattoo then it depends on quality of henna. If you choose traditional henna cone then you get dark brown or orange color on the lower back. However, many girls also get black color henna for the designing. Colored henna tattoos designing is also very common these days but fact is that conventional tattoo of henna always look wonderful.

henna or mehndi tattoos for lower back
Lower back floral henna tat
lower back mehndi design
Small henna tattoo design for lower back

In India and Pakistan, girls usually get Henna tattoo on hands, feet, legs and arms but Western ladies love to adore their lower back beauty with very delicate henna tattoos. Henna can be applied on literally any part of your body, it is very soothing and doesn’t result into any kind of reaction. You need to get help from an expert tattoo artist, if you need the perfect kind of floral, leafy or some other design of henna tats on your lower back.

indian henna mehndi tattoos
Leaves and flower Indian style henna design tattoos
spider henna tattoo design
Spider henna tattoo for girl lower back

Now what design you would like to take with henna?

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