How to style Long Hair? Try 6 Cool Hairstyling ideas

When it comes to hair there is nothing more attractive then long, dark, silky hair. Long hair can be made into anything buns, curls, bangs, knots and what not. We have a list of styles for long hair as you can set them the way you want as there is a variety of styles available for them. It depends on the type of occasion or event you are going to. Most of the time women with long hair think that the style they have is very usual and is seen many times so they want to try something new and different for which they always keep on trying new looks with their long hair. The most important thing is to search a type of style that looks best on your personality otherwise you may end up unsatisfied from the new looks. Want to style long hair in the fabulous way? Go and give a try to 6 cool ideas.

long wavy hairstyles

1.Tie long hair into ponytails
You can make a simple high ponytail with your long hair that can give you a perfect look for any formal gathering. It’s good to style long hair in varied kinds of ponytails such as braided ponytail, messy ponytail, sleek ponytail, etc. You have tons of options to choose from.curly long ponytails

sleek long ponytail ideasmessy long ponytail hairstyle sleek long ponytail idea for girls fishtail braid long hair

2.Get updo or buns for long hair

Bun can give you a sophisticated and decent look at any time of the day.You can have a hair updo being made into a bun, beehive or ponytail without falling on your shoulder. You have different styles of updo range from simple casual to formal curly. Braided updo also looks startling at special occasions and parties.

messy long updo hairstyle long curly updo hairstyles ideassleek long updo hairstyles

3.Go Curly with long hair

Long curls can go best with any occasion. You can make layers fall in your hair to give a new look to your face.You can style long hair with either short or long curls.

make curls in long hair

long curly hairculry long hairstyles ideasgirls long hairstyles

4.Why not Bang, Bang?

You can cut down your hair in way that you have bangs falling on your face but this thing doesn’t necessarily suit every facial type so you need to be very careful with it.  For this if you are not consulting any hairstylist you need to work hard yourself applying a lot of hairstyling creams, pins and hair bands to control your hair otherwise stylist is the best option to change your hair look.

celebrities long hair bangs long hair bangs

long hair bangs long straight hairstyles

5.Sleek or Messy Waves Look Perfect

Another way to style long hair is to get waves. Some girls don’t like to enhance the volume via curls. The wavy hairstyle is indeed the best option for them.

wavy long hairstyles for girls wavy sleek long hairstyles long wavy hair for girls

6. Flaunt with colors

If you have a nice layered or feather haircut then you can style your long hair with colorful highlights such as red, blonde, purple, green, yellow, etc. You need to pick one color that matches with your face complexion. Try bright color only when you can carry a bold hairstyle.
Now when you are finally done with deciding the look for yourself ,you need not to wait for the perfect style you want for yourself. Pick any of above-mentioned hairstyles for long hair.

long hair with pink highlights ombre long hairstyle shocking pink highlights in blonde long hairbrown and ash blonde hair long

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