Stunning Mullet look of Taylor Swift for Vogue UK

Taylor Swift made her debut on Vogue UK with her entirely amazing hairstyle and look. The mullet look of Taylor Swift is modern-cum-80s classic. Her styling for cover page of Vogue UK issue is indeed really great.Her beautiful eyes are lined with eyeliner and her cute lips have glossy lipstick.

taylor swift mullet hair
Taylor Swift normally appears with her cute fringe hairstyle but hairstylist completely changed her look by brushing back her fringe into a wavy quaff and then giving her bob a really rock and roll kinda style. Mullet look of Taylor Swift is worth copying, girls. Her Funky look is imply impressive. Look at her inner white shirt that makes a real and fascinating combo with pink and white. A close look at her hair make it clears that hair dresser used razor to give her hair a fine choppy look.

vogue uk taylor swift
Mullet Look of Taylor Swift goes great with her stunning makeup for Vogue UK nagazine. She opted for smokey eye makeup that enhanced her eye’s beauty to a great extent. Her baby pink Miu Miu jacket is another attractive point of her cover look. Purple pumps with golden highlight is indeed another style that you would like to try at some special day.

Would you like to get turn your fringe hairstyle into a mullet look similar to Taylor Swift?

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