Stunning ideas of Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Green eye girls always like to draw out beauty of their green eyes. Sometimes, it is hard for them to decide what color to choose. In casual events they opt for pink but they can’t put on same eyeshadow again and again. There must be some unique eye makeup that can easily make their green eyes pop. Today, I would give every green eyed girl a chance to draw out the beauty of her eyes with some great ideas of eye makeup for green eyes.

blue makeup green eyes

Let’s play with Family colors: Dark and Light Green

Yes, if you need natural but smashing look for your green eyes then you can surely try dark and light green eyeshadows for green eyes. Pick dark color for the upper eyelid and try light on lower eyelid. Don’t forget to give a smokey black eyeshadow touch in the corner of your eyes because this touch will make your green eyes pop. The most important thing for you is to select one or two tone darker color than your eyes color. If you choose the matching color with green eyes then you won’t be able to enhance your eye look. Another important thing would be blending of eye makeup. Family color eyeshadows are among the best ideas of eye makeup for green eyes.

dark green eye makeup for green eyes

Brown Metallic  Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

It is a fact that girls can easily handle brown makeup because it can get smudged in the eye layer very easily. Making a brown smokey eyes is indeed easier than to make black smokey eyes. So, another idea of eye makeup for green eyes is brown and cooper shade makeup. Your task is to keep the eyeshadow lighter in the inner corner and area of eyes while you have to make dark brown outer corner for getting a powerful eye makeup look.

green eyed girls makeup

Try Natural Peachy Eye Shadow on green eyes

Don’t need smokey eye makeup for green eyes? You would love to try fresh peach color eyeshadow on your eyes. You can opt for glittery peachy eyeshadow, if you are going to attend a friend party. Interestingly, girls find it very easy to put on peachy shades on their eyes. The blending of this color doesn’t take much time. Q tip blending would your green eye makeup smooth and provide you an amazing finish.

peach makeup for green eyes

Purple Star look eye makeup for Green Eyes

Purple is an opposite color to green, so girls can draw out beauty of their green eyes very easily with purple eye makeup. Your task is to choose light purple shade and then blend it properly on your upper lid. Some girls like to apply a sleek line of purple eyeshadow on bottom eyelid, that is a good way to make your small eyes wide and big. You need to choose darker purple shade for your outer eye corner blending. Pick a little green glitter and set it on eyes, once you done with eyeshadow blending. It is perfect eye makeup for green eyes.

green eyes dark purple makeup

Rihanna inspired Plum-Green Eye makeup

Rihann is a famous singer but girls love to emulate her fashion and makeup. So, green eyed girls can also take inspiration from Rihanna makeup. They just need to choose their matching green color eyeshadow (creamy eyeshadow seems a good choice) on the upper eyelid. The place where you put on highlighter would be used for apply creamy plum eyeshadow. You also need to make a thin line of green eyeshadow on lower eyelid. Apply thick coat of mascara for enhancing the beauty of your green eyes. You can complement this eye makeup with plum glossy lipstick.

rihanna green eye makeup

Black-Purple Eye Makeup for Green eyes

Another amazing idea that every green eyed girl would love to try is black-purple eyeshadow. In normal cases, we use black for the outer corner of eyes but it is good to think outside the box. You have to apply black eyeshadow on the upper eyelid. The most difficult task would be black shade blending that could be done nicely with your pinky or the best eyeshadow brush. Once black eyeshadow has been made smooth, next step is to choose bright purple shade and apply on your eye highlighter area. Don’t forget to blend this shade, correctly.

purple black eye makeup for green eyes

I’m sure girls would like to try these great ideas of eye makeup for green eyes. They don’t feel it hard to choose a perfect eyeshadow for their green eye color.



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