Step-by-Step Tutorial of Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Normally, girls like to get smokey eye makeup on special party since this special makeup enhance every single angle of your eyes. Girls who have close set of eyes can make their eyes wide and beautiful via this specific makeup type. This is a way of defining your eyes in the best manner. It is a fact that many girls considered smokey eye makeup a rocket science. Another fact is that you can make perfect black or brown smoky eyes without getting a helping hand from an expert. It’s me who bring a step by step tutorial of Brown Smokey Eye Makeup.

How to Get Brown Smokey Eye Makeup?

You only need to follow 12 simple and easy steps, if you want to amplifies your eye look. So, let’s unlock these steps.

Step No.1 &2

You first need to prepare eyes for makeup. Apply base shade on your eyes. It’s advisable to choose light brownish base shade and apply it with Q-tip all over your eyelid. You can also use foundation to get the neat look. Don’t forget to hide your dark circles under eyes with eye concealer.

Now you need to pick medium brown shade and then to apply it all over your eye lid. Use medium size eye brush and dip it into black charcoal eye shadow. Now spread this eye shadow on the corner of your eyelid as shown in the image. Try to make an arrowhead corner with black eyeshadow. First focus on the outer layer of this arrowhead.


how to make brown smokey eye

Step No.3 & 4

Once you have blended the outer layer of arrowhead corner then next step is to blend inner side of this arrowhead or V-shape corner. you need to blend the shade as lightly as you can.

You will be able to get smooth black corner eye shadow in fourth step.

eye makeup brown smoky

Step No.5 & 6

It’s time to pick black eye pencil and line your eyelid with it as shown in the image. You need to draw the line close to eyelashes, there should be no empty space between eyelid and eyelash.

Pick black eyeliner and then apply it over your black eye pencil line. It’s advisable to get marker liner just to obtain the perfect brown smokey eye makeup look. You need to apply thick coat of eyeliner since your task is to define eyes in the perfect way.

brown smokey eye makeup


Step No. 7 & 8

Take eye brush and the eyeliner with it. You need to smudge eyeliner with the black corner of your brown smokey eye makeup. Blending should be done in the careful manner. It’s advisable to use black eyeshadow a little bit just to grab smooth smoky eye look.

Pick black eye pencil and then apply it on bottom on your eyes.

brown smokey eye makeup steps

Step No. 9 & 10

You need to apply thick coat of black eye pencil under your eyes. Some girls apply pencil only in the corner but you need to completely apply it.

Blend corner of your black bottom eye line with your Q-tip. Your task is to spread the corner black line a little bit.

brown smoky eyes step by step

Step No. 11 & 12

It’s time of final touch of eye makeup. You can also use false eyelashes if you don’t have thick eye lashes. Apply dark coat of eye mascara on eyes. Pick the brush and give last touch to the black eyeshadow corner, eye liner and eye pencil.

Hurrah! you have finally got brown smokey eye makeup.

smokey eye makeup brown shadeImportant Tips for Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

You must have to keep some important points in your mind while getting smokey eyes.

  • The complete base of this kind of makeup is on blending the eyeshadow and eyeliner. You surely need to spend some time on blending the black and brown eyeshadow, if you need perfect look. Don’t get this makeup in hurry.
  • Use false thick eyelashes for obtaining adding charm into your eye makeup.
  • Brown eyeliner would be a bad choice, prefer black eyeliner when it comes to smokey eyes.
  • Use an eye brush that has soft bristle, otherwise you can hurt your sensitive eye area.

I’m sure that when you will follow these steps and tips then you won’t feel it hard to get perfect and elegant brown smokey eye makeup.

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