Step by Step Tutorial for Intricate Braids Rolled updo hairstyle

Rolled updo hairstyle is becoming popular among women. This hairstyle adds extra charm and beauty into one’s personality. In addition, this hairstyle is suitable for some formal events such as birthday party, friend’s party, etc. Even it is one of the favorite Bridesmaid hairstyles. No matter when you are going to wear it, you need to know how to make intricate braids hairstyle. In order to add comfort into your life, I’m going to share step by step tutorial for this hairstyle. Let’s check this out.

step by step tutorial of rolled updo
Intricate braid rolled hair updo: Tutorial

How to Make intricate braids rolled updo hairstyle?

You only need to follow 5 steps for making this stunning hair updo.

step by step guide of braided rolled updo
Tutorial: Intricate braided rolled hair updo

#1 Comb your hair properly, there shouldn’t be any tangle in it. Pick a thin hair section from one side of your head and create a very tight three stand simple braid. Secure this braid with an elastic ponytail. You also need to make similar braid by taking thin long hair section from another side of head.

#2 Now it’s time to do things with upper section of hair. Pull thin hair strand from both sides of head and then tie their knot in the middle section of head. You can use hair pin to set both strands at their place.

#3 Make a very low ponytail by wrapping lower hair section into a rubber band.

#4 Roll up lower hair section and set them into the upper headband created in step no.2. You need to set rolled updo inside this headband of hair. If any hair strand is free or move around then you can set it to its place with bobby pins.

#5 At the end, you need to set intricate braids around your hairstyle.

Hurrah! You have made  stunning intricate braids rolled updo hairstyle at home within just 15 minutes and without getting any kind of help. Really amazing!


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