Spider Tattoo Designs 2014 with Symbolism and Myths

The spiders are said to be an ancient symbol of craft and power, they are also a portrayal of growth as well. There are so many symbols that one can attribute with the creatures and spider tattoo designs 2014, but some of the most explainable are as follows:

  • Cunning
  • Creation
  • Crafty
  • Progressive

Construction of Web

The spider spends most of their time in starting and completing a cycle of web. The creature is dedicated and resourceful in nature; it constructs the web in days by choosing to hide itself in the places where people can’t see them easily. We do find webs in nooks of bathrooms, kitchens, and in the corners of wooden boxes where we hardly clean daily. The creature is cyclical; it starts a web, weaves it and keeps doing it unless it is complete, it is then starting to construct a new one. The point here is ‘your goal and your choice’, the creature weaves web because it chooses to, this teaches us that we construct our life, manipulate it and make it in the all possible ways of our choice. There comes some ups and downs that make us to fall down, we start constructing as soon as we are in place again.

How do we as ‘humans’ are constructive and progressive? We weave hopes, goals, achievements, feelings and thoughts on choice, we are just as resourceful as a spider in action is. Any Spider tattoo designs 2014 remind us that we are amazing in construction no matter where we belong to.

Mindful of Behavior

The behaviour sets or determines any progress in the future, the thinking of weaving new strategies to make the plans worthwhile is always on the top of ‘to-do-list’ of a spider. The creature is practical and fully functional when it comes to act to prove the ability of construction. The lesson for us to be mindful of behaviour as it can make us to break or make our life. Try to be smart enough and keep weaving.

Prominent Symbol of infinity

Among many ancient symbols of Spider, the most prominent one is of infinity. The symbol is acceptable only for spiders that have eight legs and eight eyes. The number eight, on the other hand, always mean something such as eight cycles, cycle or span of time or evolution.

Myths of Spider Tattoo designs 2014

Native Americans consider spiders as a symbol of protection against storms. In India, the spider is said to be associated with MAYA, the word comes from the Sanskrit root ‘MA’ which means without limit or boundaries. The Maya Jaal is a place having an illusory nature. Egyptians have their own meanings to derive by the spider, they consider it akin to Neith, who was a sacred deity. She used to wear two crossed arrows in shield on head, she was goddess of war, weaving and hunting since she was holding a shuttle in her hand. Later she was known as a weaver of looms. In Greek, all spiders and their offspring, are called a generation of Arachne. Arachne was a mortal God of weaving, who boasted off her skill in front of another weaving goddess called Athena. The two challenged each other, they weaved looms, but later Archane’s work was ripped in shreds by Athena. Athena stroked her with a heavy dose of guilt. Archane killed herself in guilt. Feeling awful for her death, Athena devoted her again in a form of spider, she and all of her next generations would weave forever in the world.

Check out some of the latest 2014 Spider Tattoo designs:

Spider Tattoo chest

Spider Tattoo thigh

Spider Tattoo belly

Spider Tattoo lower back

Spider Tattoo neck

Spider Tattoo arm

Spider Tattoo breasts

Spider Tattoo chest

Spider Tattoo design

Spider Tattoo neckBefore you get spider tattoo designs, you must decide about the place where you want to get it. In addition, you must be clear what meaning you want to portray with this tattoo.

Spider Tattoo skull

Spider Tattoo black widow

Spider Tattoo design

Spider Tattoo crotch

Spider Tattoo design crotchYou have finally explored spider tattoo designs for different parts of body. Girls like to get them on shoulder, chest, back, foot, belly and legs. While men consider getting spider tattoos on belly, back, chest, and arms.It’s indeed your choice to pick the best place for this tattoo.

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