Snail Tattoo Designs 2014! Meanings and Myths

Snail is a slow creature, it walks slow though but reaches to her destination eventually, therefore it is a perfect sign of progress or achievement. In Mesoamerican lore, the snail is associated with the wind. The wind Gods would take ride in the shell of the snail to land on the earth in an unpredictable circles.

The snail has the ability to hide itself in the shell and to reveal later if needed. The head of the snail is often tucked inside the shell when it emerges in the beginning of Spring- another meaning to decipher from the beautiful creature is ‘New Beginning’.

Snail Tattoo

Snail Tattoo cute

The aboriginal people have seen the snail hiding and revealing itself, the behavior was said to be like the moon which hides itself sometimes, other times disappears under the dark cloud or is lost to an unknown region.
If you review the physical structure of the snail you will find tiny spirals in the patterns- these spirals symbolize unconscious and beckons us to believe that answers are within us or within questions, we just need to find ourselves.

Snail Tattoo

Snail Tattoo arm

The snails are said to have power to observe the surroundings, the antennae on the head works like a stimulator, it sends signals to the snail inside the shell, making it aware of the danger or safety outside.

Here are more symbolism of the snail tattoo designs 2014:

  • Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Progress
  • Solitude
  • Time/Cycle
  • New beginning or start
  • Dreams/hopes/desires
  • Patience
  • Observation

Snail Tattoo arm

Snail Tattoo

Snail Tattoo

Snail Tattoo belly

Snail Tattoo love

Snail Tattoo leg

Snail Tattoo shoulder

Snail Tattoo armGo and get the best snail tattoo designs 2014.

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