Skip Red and Look Bold with Purple Pout (Tutorial)

Normally, girls think that they look bold or super formal, if they pick red lipstick. Red is considered as a very bold color and no doubt it is. But sometimes you need to think a little different. If red is bold then purple is bold plus beautiful. You might not be agreed with my statement. Before you give any comment on this statement, I ask you to have a close look at below picture. I’m sure you will surprise to see bold look of model. Would you like to same bold purple makeup? If yes, then it’s time to discover step-by-step guide of getting flirty plum pout.

purple lip makeup


What will you need for Purple Makeup?

Here are following things that you must have before you get an eye-catching purple lip and stunning eye makeup

  • Black Liner
  • Matte Purple lip Color
  • One tissue paper

Tutorial for Purple Pout

Here are four main steps that you need to follow.

Step No.1 Apply Liner

I know it seems quite odd but you have to do this. You need to use black eyeliner for lining the natural lip line of your lips. This line will give a chic look to your beautiful lips.


Step No.2 Smudge the Line

Use you fingertip and buff the liner a little bit. Your task is to smudge the liner just to avoid harsh look.


Step No.3 Apply lipstick

Now pick your matte purple lipstick and apply it over your lip. Your task is to grab bold look.


Step No.4 Use Tissue

Now you have to blot the lipstick with the mean of a tissue paper, so your lipstick stay for long time. Reapply the matte lipstick for a perfect finish.


So, whenever you have to attend a very special party where bold look is a must then you need to give a good try to purple pout.

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