Scottish Celtic tattoos men: Ideas, meanings and history

Scottish culture has a deep connection with Celtic culture whenever you look into in the music and art fields. Scottish people love to combine Celtic tattoo art into their own tattoos designs. The usual designs popular in these people are the stars, the moons and the constellations. Today, I’m here to give you some ideas of Scottish Celtic tattoos men and also make it easy for you to discover meanings of these tattoos designs.

scotland celtic tattos men

Scottish and Celtic Tattoo history

When you look into tattoo history in Scotland then you would surely find many designs that tied Scottish and Celtic cultures together. Scots always opted for hard way out since they suffered a lot and they had to go for constant killing, fighting and infliction for getting their victory. Without any doubt, Scottish men earned reputation of brave warriors, loyal partners or lovers and true gentlemen.From ancient times, people were quite interested in boy and artwork. They loved to get tattoos that symbolize Scottish people’s rich historic culture and solid character. At that time, people used Celtic knot often in their tattoo designs. Therefore, Scottish Celtic tattoos men in this era also have knots and Scotland symbols.

scotland celtic tattoo design

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Scottish Celtic Cross tattoos designs meanings

When it comes to Scottish tattoo design then the most popular symbol is a cross. This is the oldest known cross of the world that is also used in the flag of Scotland. In order to give this tattoo a Celtic culture touch, tattoo artist often used Celtic knots; these should be designed very intricately and aesthetically just to get attractive and enticing Scottish Celtic tattoos men.

black and grey celtic tattos menceltic cross and heart tatoo designsceltic tattoos men ideas

Scottish Thistle Tattoos meanings

Thistle is a very tough plant grown on Scottish soil and crowned with a purple flower. This symbolizes toughness that develops in a Scottish heart. This plant can grown on any infertile land and always protect itself with thorns. The early Kings of Scotland used this flower as a symbol for their royal family crest. The meaning of Thistle Scottish Celtic tattoos men is ruggedness, toughness and bravery. Brave guys always opt for this particular tattoo design.

blue celtic cross tattoo thistle

celtic thistle scottish tattoo

men scotland tatto thistle thistle and scotland celtic cross tattoos


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