Rock with Cool Faux Hawk hairstyle for Men

The guys who want to look really cool must opt for faux hawk hairstyle for men. This hairstyle normally suits to every face type. No matter you have square face or oval, you can still rock the world with the mean of a faux hawk. This hairstyle is very popular among the both male and female celebrities. However, it is a fact that this hairstyle looks better on male than females.

men hairstyle trend faux hawk

What is a Faux Hawk hair?

This hairstyle is a type of Mohawk and it is also known as fohawk. You can say it a Mohawk without shaving the sides of head. It is worn with small yet noticeable spike in the middle. In Mohawk, you must have long hair in the middle for getting the best look but faux hawk needs small around 2-3 inches hair in the middle. In case you need a bit shorter hair then opt for Fohawk haircut

cool short faux hawk for mendouble color faux hawk for menmen cool faux hawk hair

 When Faux Hawk became Popular?

The popularity of Faux hawk hairstyle for men touched to the peak level in early 2000s. This became very popular among ordinary people and celebrities. The top wearers of this hairstyle were David Beckham, Fran Healy and Jonsi. David Beckham looked amazing with this hairstyle. His overall appearance became magical only due to a change in the hairstyle.

david beckham faux hawk hairstylefaux hawk fran healy musiciandavid beckham faux hawk hair

Easy to Set Hairstyle

It is among those hairstyles that don’t want you to visit a hair salon. You can set this hairstyle without any help from a friend or a hair expert. There is only a need to know how to get a faux hawk hairstyle at home. You can check tons of video highlighting step by step tutorial for getting this hairstyle. Watch a video online and then set your hair with this style within just 5-10 minutes.

trendy faux hawk hairstyle for mentop men hairstyle faux hawk

Celebrities with Faux Hawk

David Beckham isn’t the only inspiration for the guys. In reality, there are many other celebrities who worn a faux hawk hairstyle and touched the heart of their fans, who loved to copycat a hairstyle of their favorite personality. Let’s explore which celebrity have this hairstyle. This hairstyle adopt a bit of Mohawk hairstyle look, therefore it is consider super charming among guys.

celebrity faux hawk

Taylor Lautner with Faux Hawk

If you want to see a cool demo of faux hawk hairstyle for men then you need to look at Taylor Lautner or Jacob of Twilight.

stylish faux hawk of taylortaylpr lautner hairstyle faux hawk

Zayn Malik with FoHawk

The people who follow One Direction always love to follow their hairstyle and outfit. Zayn Malik is known not only due to a member of OD music band but also because of his great sense of hairstyling and fashion. People love to copycat Zayn Malik’s pompadour and faux hawk hairstyles.

zayn malik faux hawk hairzayn malik faux hawk hairstyle

Zac Efron with Cute Faux Hawk

Whenever you guys need an idea of latest men hairstyle , you should look at Zac because he always carry a trendy hairstyle. Just look at the image and see how Zac got magical personality with a faux hawk hairstyle for men.

zac efron faux hawk hair

Jensen Ackles Faux Hawk hairstyle

Jensen is very talented actor and director, he is well-know for his roles in TV series Super Natural and in Days of Our Lives. He is very handsome. He looked wonderful when he wore a FoHawk hairstyle.

Jensen Ackles super natural hairstyle

Brad Pitt FoHawk

If you like to follow hairstyles of Brad Pitt then you might need to consider his faux hawk hairstyle as well. Brad Pitt looks simply wonderful with this hairstyle.

faux hawk hairstyle of brad pitt

No matter you take inspiration from celebrities’ hairstyles or not, you must have to consider faux hairstyle for men at least one time. You can try this hairstyle at some special events or occasion and get a very eye-catching look.

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