Robert Pattinson haircut in 2015 Brings Back Mushroom Cut

Guys who take good interest in Robert Pattinson haircut would surely surprise to see his new look. He debuted his 2015 haircut and it is none other than a mushroom cut. He appeared with this haircut when we surely forget all about this cut. As he has styled his hair in a new way, so surely his fans would like to follow his trail.

Robert Pattinson haircut in 2015 Brings Back Mushroom Cut
Robert Pattinson haircut in 2015 Brings Back Mushroom Cut

His mushroom hairstyle isn’t very sleek, it seems like a combination of messy pixie with plain back mushroom. He also has a tiny hair line on nape while his head is completely shaved from back. He hide his haircut with a cap before, at that time people think that he might be planning to have a Mohawk hairstyle. But it is indeed a surprise for all to see his mushroom or bowl cut.

This chic haircut of RP is a true inspiration for his fan who would surely like to look similar to him by getting this haircut. Good thing is that it is really simple to style this haircut. Once you need to shave your back, get help from a hair dresser if you are not an expert in doing this. After that you need to take a few drops of hair cream. Apply it in your hair. Brush your back hair. Finger comb your front hair. If front hair section seems messy, you don’t need to worry because it is how to style your hair like Robert Pattinson in a right way.

Robert Pattinson Mushroom hairstyle, side view
Side view of Robert Pattinson Mushroom hairstyle

Although 2015 Robert Pattinson haircut looks a little bold but I’m sure many guys would like to copycat him. He looks very handsome with this cut and a tiny hairline on his nape add cuteness factor to his overall hairstyle. So, you shouldn’t miss this factor while you are following his haircut.

Would you like to get a mushroom haircut like Robert Pattinson  in 2015? Share your comments with us.



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