How to Revive Damage Hair? 6 Effective Tips

When your hair lacks natural moisture then they are vulnerable to damage. Therefore, it is essential for you to try some tricks just to keep your strand safe and damage free.

damage hair protection

How to Revive Damage Hair?

If you have damage hair and want to restore the beauty of your locks then you should opt for 6 tips from experts.

Damage Hair Tip No.1 Get new Hair Brush

According to hair expert Macuso, “Older brushes often have missing or broken bristles that snag hair and cause breakage”. So, if you want to revive your damage in the best way then you should replace your old brush with a new one. It is good to buy a brush that has flexible synthetic bristles so that you hair doesn’t go under stress. If you do this then you will save your hair from more damage.

buy new hair brush

Damage Hair Tip No.2   Regular Trimming

Almost all hairstylists are agree on one thing and it is regular hair trimming, which is quite important step of damage hair revival process.According to Toni Garcia-Jackson, a hairstylist in Wilmington, DE, “Even if you wear your hair natural, this is key, says because split ends are inevitable” If you opt for regular trimming six to eight weeks then you can get rid of damage hair ends.

trim hair regularly

Damage Hair Tip No.3 Take a Break from Styling

Throughout your week days, you keep your hair under stress with different hairstyling products and machines.Sometimes, you need to get curls while other times you have to opt for a wet look. It is not possible to stay away from chemicals, flat iron and dryer during week, but what is possible for you to give your hair a holiday on weekend. Your hair needs relaxation as your other body parts, so show some care.

get break from hair styling take rest

Damage Hair Tip No.4 Get a better blow-dryer

It is good to replace your standard hair dryer with an efficient one. Get ionic and ceramic hair-dryer that will dry your hair quickly. Thereby, you can easily reduce heat damage time for your hair. You can revive damage hair, if you follow this simple tip.

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Damage Hair Tip No.5 Do Styling at Low Temp

We can’t stop curling or straightening our hair but what is in our control is to revive damage hair by turning down the temperature of curling iron or flat iron. Be gentle with your precious natural hair.

low temperature iron for damage hair

Damage Hair Tip No.6 Protect hair from Heat

Before you use any styling tool on your hair, it is good to protect them from the heat. Your task is to apply heat protection spray. Your task is to buy a spray that features with conditioning ingredient such as glycerin. When you pour spray on hair then you will get a layer that can easily deal with heated styling tools.

heat protection spray

So, finally you have 6 cool tips on how to revive damage hair. If you follow these tips then you can repair your damage hair as quickly as you need.




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