Purple Eyes Makeup Ideas for Deep Blue Eyes

If you are blessed with deep blue eyes which have ability to speak silently in the crowd without your having you say a word- it’s obvious that you have to put on sleek shades to be an attention grabber since blue is one of the most difficult colors to work with when it comes to actual makeup.
Today you will explore some terrific purple eyes makeup ideas for deep blue eyes and here are six suggestions for anyone wanting to use purple with the dress.

Dark Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

It is one of my most favorite purple eyes makeup ideas for deep blue eyes as smokey is a kind of makeup you will want to wear to special parties and events, even to the night clubs.blue eyes makeup 2014 (2)

Simple Red Purple Eye Makeup

It is fairly on the light side as you can see in the image. However, you can add some stones if you want to.blue eyes makeup 2014 (6)

Purple and Night Blue Eye Makeup

The black is used along with the purple and night in the makeup for creating smoking impression at the corners, which is really awesome.blue eyes makeup 2014 (1)

Violet Smokey for Blue eyes

This one is wonderful, the dark purple is mixed with the violet and tapped with small amount of glitter.blue eyes makeup 2014 (5)

Blue Smokey effect for blue eyes

These eyes are merely looking  a midnight sky with stars sparkling and fading.blue eyes makeup 2014 (3)

Violet on the crease of Blue Eyes

Perfectly blended lilac shade is highlighted with the violet on the crease, the addition of sparkles will pop the makeup.blue eyes makeup 2014 (4)

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