Pink Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial for Cute Girls

Cute girls must give a try to pink smokey eye makeup tutorial. This guide would help them get an amazing pinkish eye makeup. Good thing is that this tutorial is very easy, they don’t need to follow a lot of steps. Focus on image along with written guide and you would be able to make your eyes pop.

smokey eye makeup tutorial

Do Preparation

Before you start following this tutorial, you need to prepare your eyes for makeup. It means you need to hide under eye circles with eye concealer. Always choose an eye concealer which tone is lighter than your face tone. Also apply a little eye foundation or base on eyes and blend it well.

How to Pink Smokey Eye Makeup?

Here are 7 simple steps that let you get a classy makeup.

Step No.1 Take white eye pencil and apply it on your upper lid.

Step No.2 Apply pink startling eyeshadow with an eyebrush.

Step No.3 Take black eye pencil and define your eye crease and outer-V area with it.

Step No.4 Take a soft eye brush and blend this black shade on your eyes. You need to blend it inner wards.

Step No.5 Apply dark black eye pencil on lower lash line and then blend it with an eye brush but very little.

Step No.6 Apply false eye lashes. And then apply eyeliner.

Step No.7 Now apply eye mascara on false eyelashes.

Important tips:

  • If you want to keep things natural then you can do this makeup without false eye makeup application.
  • When it comes to blending lower black pencil line then you should do it gracefully. Black pencil should flow out of your eye area. The basic purpose of blending is to create eye-catching and neat look.
  • If pink shade looks powdery then you can surely blend them with Q-tip for a smooth look.
  • Use liquid black eyeliner to add spark into this kind of eye makeup.

So, what you need more? Go and give a try to this amazing smokey eyes tutorial now. Don’t forget to share your comments with us.

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