Peep Into 12 Fascinating and Modern Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Living room is a place where we spend many hours of our day with our beloved family members. It is a place where our guest come and spend their time. No doubt, it is very important room of our home. Therefore, it is essential for us to pay good attention to its decoration and overall setting. Today, I’m here with 12 very fascinating living room wall decor ideas for you. So, let’s  peep into these ideas just to find the best for your modern living room.

stylish decoration living room

Idea No.1 Hang a Beautiful Scenery on Wall

If you want to decorate your living room in a very simple way then the best idea that you an try is to hang a scenery on a plain painted wall. Some people like to get light color wall paint just to hang bright color scenery over it or vice versa. It is better to place a big and long scenery on the back wall of your sofa. You can surely keep the basic living room theme in mind while picking a scenery for this room. This kind of decoration is very affordable and almost every one can easily try it.

simple way to decorate living room

Idea No.2 Fix a Mirror on Living Room Walls

It is one of the modern living room wall decor ideas. You can place a small or big mirror behind on back wall of your sofa. It is good to get an expensive mirror that have gold or cooper antique style frame. A mirror with colorful frame will look good only in a colorful living room. It is believed that space of your room look extra wide, if you place a mirror in the back wall of main sofa set.

living room mirro decoration

Idea No.3 Place Modern Lights on Wall

If you want to get a styling living room then you can surely pick some modern style wall lamps or lights. You can fix these light on a dark or light colored wall. Whenever you turn on the lights, the beauty of your wall enhances to a great extent. It is good for you to choose new styles of wall lamps or light for the decoration of living room wall. White lamps look wonderful but you ca also opt for colored lamps or lights.

artistic style of living room decor

Idea No.4 Paste Wall Graphics or Wall Paper

It is another cool idea that you would love to try for your living room. Therefore is a wide variety of wall paper and wall graphics design. There is only a need to pick the best for your room. It is advisable to avoid bright colored wall graphics or wall paper.

living room tree graphics

 Idea No.5 Bright Color Wall Paint in White Living Room

It is among the best modern living room wall decor ideas. If you are going to buy bright color sofas for living room then surely you can give your good try to this amazing idea. What you need to do is to paint one wall of living room in bright color. For example, choose shocking pink color as the main theme. Get shocking pink sofa , rugs, wall accessories, lamps , etc and also paint one wall with this matching color.

livig room plain dark wallsdark walls with white living room

 Idea No.6 Personalize Theme for the Living Room Wall

Want to give a very personal touch to your living room wall? If yes, then you can surely opt for this idea. You can set very big name initials on the wall. If you try this idea then you have to make a custom order for your name initial wall decoration.But once you follow this idea, your wall decor will be different and unique in every sense.

modern style of living room wallIdea No.7 Brick Wall Decor

These days, it has become very common then people get a brick wall setting in their modern living room. Bricks add a very classical touch to modern room and this combination look simply fantastic. After getting the brick walls, you can make racks or cabinets over it. wall decor for living roomIdea No.8 Divide Walls and Get Racks

No doubt, it is one of the unique modern living room wall decor ideas.Your task is to divide your simple and light colored wall into multiple section. You need to choose a bright color paint for dividing the wall, black seems the best all the time.Once you have different section of wall, you are free to decorate it in multiple. Get big and wide wall racks in one section or place wall scenery in another.

racks walls decoration

Idea No.9 Adore Living Room with Metal Wall Decor Set

If you don’t want to spend a lot on your living room wall decoration then an affordable idea is to get metal wall decor set. This set is available in wide variety of size, color, designs and shapes. You can place them in left and right corner of wall while adoring the middle wall portion with a big wall scenery.

living room simple scenaries

Idea No.10 Colorful Living Room Wall Decor

In case you have a grey or white paint in your living room and you want to enhance the look of this room then it is better to get bright color touch in this room. You can hang simple bright colored paintings or scenery just to change the complete mood.

colorful wall decoration for living room

Idea No.11 Light Patterned Wall decor with Bright Furniture

The people who want to set their bright color furniture in the right way, must get light pattern colored wall paper. It is among the best living room wall decor ideas. You shouldn’t get dark color on your walls if you have bright color furniture. Get light color on wall and get a dark color border with such kind of furniture. If everything in the room is dark then you won’t feel comfortable in such room.

living room red decoration

Idea No.12 Full Wall Decoration with Stylish Metal Mirrors

You can enhance the look of your living room wall very easily. There is a wide variety of metal wall mirror in the market. Your task is to take one big and remaining small size mirror, only to enhance the grace of your modern living room.colorful decoration of your living roomHave you explored these modern living room wall decor ideas? Now it is very easy for you to decorate your own living room wall in a classy way. Am i wrong?????

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