Pageboy Choppy Wigs hairstyle Trend is set for 2014

Girls who have short hair but still want to look super trendy should opt for latest cool trend set by Marc Jacobs and then followed by other top brands such as Fendi, Chanel, etc. Now you don’t need to cut your long hair short because bob bang wig hairstyle trend has been set for spring/winter fashion 2014. We have already seen Kendall Jenner at Marc Jacobs with blunt bang bob wig but it’s time to explore some more models with Bob bang wig hairstyle trend.

girls wigs marc jacobs

Fendi Pageboy Choppy wigs hairstyle

Fendi gave us a chance to opt for male-style hair, they grabbed very short wigs for the models. See how Cara Delevingne and other model looked stunning with tomboy kinda wigs, that complete changed the model appearance.

fendi choppy bob wigs stylefendi short hair wigs

fendi hair wigs models bob hairstyles 2015

Marc Jacobs Pageboy choppy wigs style

Hairstylist at Marc Jacob chose long fringe choppy pageboy wigs for the models. Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner were looking fabulous with these choppy hairs. It is good to know that “No Makeup” was another interesting factor of models on Marc Jacobs runway.

marc jacobs model no makeupkendall jenner hairstyles 2015marc jacobs modes short bob wigs marc jacobs hairstyles

You would like to know what Guido, RedKen Creative Consultant, said about these inspiring wigs

“The wigs we created are a total reflection of Marc Jacob’s style. He has a complete vision for his show, and the wigs really allowed us to bring this vision to life because they almost depersonalize the girls. We were inspired by the 70’s and 80’s and by Joey Ramone’s bowlish haircut. First, we dyed all of the wigs black and then we pre-cut them before the show so that we could custom cut them for each girl backstage to create that perfect bowl-shape with the heavy bang. Texture is also very important for this look. I sprayed fashion waves 07 on the wig when it was damp to create some chunky texture, and then used wind blown 05 to add dry, airy texture so it feels a little more graphic. In the end, the look was like an illustration that came to life.”

choppy wigs style

cara delevingne marc jacobs wigs

marc jacobs hair wigs  blonde black hair wigs

Chanel Pageboy Choppy Wigs hairstyle

Chanel hairstylist also picked blunt cut boyish wigs for the models. The most interesting thing that made Chanel’s model different from other runway models is the colorful peacock style makeup. If you want to follow real fashion trend of 2015 then you need to get not only pageboy bob wigs but also have to wear colorful eye makeup.

chanel model eye makeup colorful

chanel makeup 2015chanel models hair wigs chanel wigs hairstyles 2015bob hjairstyles miranda kerry chanel

L’Wren Scott Pageboy Choppy Wigs style

The simplest bob hairstyle look was given by models at L’Wren Scott runway where model appear with very short but blunt cut bob wigs. These wigs are shorter than other models wigs at Marc Jacobs or Chanel. It seems that L’Wren Scott hairstylist was trying to set a new short hairstyle trend for Spring/Summer 2015.

bob wigs for lwren scott runwaylwren scott hair wigs 2014lwren scott models hair wigs bob hairstyle ideas 2015lwren  scott 2014 hair

lwren scott short hair wigs

Girls who want to get some bold yet uniform look would like to buy choppy pageboy wigs for themselves. They are able to make a big difference into their hairstyle via these wigs.



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