Butterfly Tattoos chest

Mindblowing Collection of latest Butterfly Tattoos 2014

Butterflies are sign of delicacy, beauty, nature and attractiveness. Being one of the commonly accepted sign for positive representation, butterflies are widely used in tattoos. Butterfly Tattoos 2014 are very common all over the world. Women prefer to have butterfly tattoos on their body to symbolize their beauty and delicacy. There are a lot of… Read more

blue eyes makeup 2014 (2)

Purple Eyes Makeup Ideas for Deep Blue Eyes

If you are blessed with deep blue eyes which have ability to speak silently in the crowd without your having you say a word- it’s obvious that you have to put on sleek shades to be an attention grabber since blue is one of the most difficult colors to work with when it comes to… Read more

kiwi makeup art 20141 - Cool Summer Makeup Art Ideas 2014

Cool Summer Makeup Art Ideas 2014

Makeup wasn’t ever considered as an art until few makeup artists showed a side of themselves by beautifying the human bodies using their creativity, incorporating the elements from the  nature. As the summer season is already knocking on our doors, with this new ideas are being sprung about cool summer makeup art ideas 2014. The… Read more

Henna Tattoos Designs for Back 2 - Henna Tattoo Designs for Back

Henna Tattoo Designs for Back

Henna has been used for tattoos since long. It has been very dominant form of decoration and make up for girls. The interesting feature of henna is its temporary nature in comparison to the modern tattoos which leaves a permanent imprint. Henna Tattoos are available in very diverse amount of patterns and styles. As the… Read more

Henna Tattoo Designs For Belly 3 - Henna Tattoo Designs For Belly

Henna Tattoo Designs For Belly

Henna is one of the most used ingredients for tattooing and creating designs on your body. It has been used for this purpose for hundreds of years. The green leaves of Henna does not leave any mark, however when the leaves are dried and then water is added to it, a dark green paste which… Read more