Outstanding Men’s Hair Colors 2014

In the fashion industry everything is possible; it seems that trends of men are changing with the faster pace than the trends for women, it makes us think that there is a big fashion war between both genders and nobody wants to be left behind. The statement seems to be so true when it comes to Men’s hair colors 2014- they are sporting flamboyant colors that are not just impossible to think of but are beyond the predefined boundaries of fashion set for any man.
Let’s Check out some outstanding Men’s hair Colors 2014 to feel surprised:

Lilac Haired Men 2014

Wondering if it is possible or not for a man to wear such a light feminine inspired shade? The image of a boy showing undercut lilac hair is a big proof to itself.purple hair men 2014

Red Hair Shags For Men 2014

Some are blessed with natural red tresses while others are drying their brown hair to red- a good example is just here.2014 red hair men

Military Green Hair for men 2014

Now the man donning a military suit with a small section of hair colored in light green shade- the hue we often see in leaves.2014 light green hair menBurgundy Hair men 2014

Maybe the colors like burgundy and red are in a big ‘no and never’ list of rational men but your rules seem to be breakable when you see a model showing it off.2014 burgundy hair men

Dark Green Mohawk for Men 2014

Dreaming about looking like a fashionable junkie? How about dying the bangs in bright hues?green hair men 2014

Caesar Cut in Blue Color for men 2014

What does it make you think? Men can go to any length when it comes to showing the hair and haircut to public who may otherwise ignore them if they are found in an ordinary look.blue hair men 2014

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