Octopus Tattoo Designs 2014 and Symbolism

Octopus is an invertebrate; an animal without column vertebrae is more flexible than a human with a spine, so here are few symbols being attributed with this water creature such as diversity, potential, reason, illusion, and flexibility. There are several pages of symbolic explanation with respect to the animal as it took several years in exploration of what it is in real. Octopus lives in water so some other symbols associated with it are:

  • Purity
  • Motion
  • Emotion
  • Creativity
  • Water and flexibility

Octopus Tattoo hip

Octopus Tattoo lower back

Water is a fluid which makes it own environment for the animals. While the water is controlled by the wax and wane of the moon, so there are some emotional meanings attached to the liquid and any animal living in it- intuition and fluidity are two most common ones and creativity is just one that anyone can guess. The creature ‘octopus’ is born with an expanded amount of freedom so it can work in any desired parameter of its own even when water motion changes, shifts and wafts according to environmental changes. The mystery of Octopus has much to do with the watery environment so there is a significance in getting the tattoo of octopus done on your body.

Octopus Tattoo shoulder

Octopus Tattoo side

Living in the Toughest Environment

The octopus can behave the way in wants in the roughest realm of water and its mystery gets dense with the age. The creature lives in the bottom of water sea-belt, spends a grounded life, wandering here and there, preying on weak water creatures. Those who are planning to get octopus tattoo designs 2014 for any reason would be talented enough to recognize the analogy; the spiritual and intuitive elements of the animal can speak for people blessed with physics abilities.

Octopus Tattoo hip

Octopus Tattoo women

Mobile and Traveler

The octopus is quite a fervent traveler, moves in action under the water even it is alone. They don’t have a vertebrae which makes them to move with freedom and flexibility, they are liquid and sometimes are transparent in structure, making themselves an embodiment of water itself. They can spread and open limbs with the motion of water, it reminds us to loosen up our body, thoughts and sometimes limits- in other words, a message is to get relax. The octopus also reminds us of the goals that we can achieve in our ways by believing our natural ability of achieving what we want.

Octopus Tattoo women chest

Octopus Tattoo shoulder

Evolution and Regeneration

The octopus can detach a limb if it gets hurt or injuries during an attack of a predator, this tells us that sometimes we have to cut loose some parts of our life to live the new ones. We have to get away of the negative factors by loosening them and eventually detaching them forever, so there could be a place for the positive ones. The limb grows back itself, with this, we can decipher few meanings such as time, evolution and regeneration.

Octopus Tattoo men

Octopus Tattoo back

Accepting the Facets of Personality

In a disease or an unfavourable circumstances, if one part of body simply gives up for a reason or is being removed permanently, we can’t get it back though, the totem of the octopus will remain an inspiration for us, making us to accept what are, forgive what someone has done, and feel diverse even there is something missing and embrace ourselves, each facet of personality.

Octopus Tattoo breasts

Octopus Tattoo back

Master of Intelligence

If you are going to choose from one of many octopus tattoo designs 2014, you have got to know that the creature can decide, plan, and recall and sometimes even manage as it has its logic to be this much intelligent. The creature inspires us to be more of master rather than a slave.

Octopus Tattoo belly

Octopus Tattoo arm

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