New year Brings New Prom hairstyles for men

Guys always like to style their hairstyles in the best manner on prom party. They always want to wear a hairstyle that enhances their personality and grace. It is possible if they pick one hairstyles from latest cool prom hairstyles for men. Let’s check what hairstyles are considered trendy these days.

prom hairstyle ideas

Comb over seems to be a perfect hairstyle for guys with thick hair. Good thing about this hairstyle is that it is easy to set. Apply some gels and then comb your hair from front to back. This hairstyle is normally worn by professional and therefore, it is perfect hairstyle for formal kind of party. It is preferable by those who need tidy and neat look on this day.

comb over hairstyle

men prom hair

comb over hairstyles

comb olver hairstyle

slicked prom hairstyle men

short hairstyle prom

Spiky hair is not a good idea since it gives you edgy look. In case you need some a semi-formal look then you should prefer opt for curly or wavy messy hairstyles. Some guys like to sweep some curls or wavy hair as a fringe, it is a good idea. But your messy hair looks seems simply fantastic and it is among the best prom hairstyles for men.

messy curly hairtsyles

messy wavy hairstyles

Side swept hairstyle is quite good for guys with short hair. If they have thin hair volume and need a little boost in this volume then side parting is indeed a great idea. You also need to note that side and center parted hair makes your looks and appearance completely outstanding. You can grab attraction of people toward your hair, only when you side part your hair. There is no need to do extreme kind of center parting when you have thin hair as gel application usually offers greasy touch. You need to stick with a soft kind of partition.

side parted prom hair


short hairstyle men

side parted hairstyle

In 2015, guys would surely like to go with these new prom hairstyles for men.

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